How To Use Godaddy For Web Hosting

By | October 30, 2017

Go Daddy, one of the most popular web hosting client offers host of services, from a personalized mail address to the advanced blogging tools. All you need to start is with a hosting service and ans hosting account. As soon as you are done with this you will be able to access the services like support for SQL databases, emails and also can get access to the forums. Make sure that before we proceed to the procedure of web hosting with Go Daddy, you have an internet access on your computer and also the payment card for filling up the online form.
First, you will need to find which plan you are interested in or is suitable for, as it provides the hosting services for small businesses to the personal websites. Also, you will have to decide on the storage space and the transfer capacity which should be in line with the expectation of the traffic. Also, most importantly, you also needs to decide on the platform which you will be using or controlling like whether Linux or the Windows platform.
How to first Setup a Hosting Accountc
Firstly you need to visit the Go Daddys homepage and fill in the details for activation like the contact details and also the password activations. This may consume some time but not more than 2-3 hours as you are setting up for the first time.
Now, you will have to hover your mouse to Hosting and Servers so that the process of hosting the account starts off. You need to then click on the My hosting Account.
Now, you need to select the highlighted option in the blue which is known as Setup New Account after which you will proceed to the website registration process which will include information like address, phone number and name. So make sure that you enter the correct contact information.
Now, after filling in the information, just click on the Create new account so that the information is submitted, after this you just needs to select the package which can be done by checking the option.
After following the above steps you now need to finish the process by clicking on the Checkout and then enter the payment information.

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