150-kilo homemade aircraft by Zeng Qiang

By | November 1, 2017

A Chinese man named Zeng Qiang, aged 24, made an airplane by himself on the occasion of his wedding anniversary. Living in Southwest China’s Chongqing municipality, he is now attempting to finish his own homemade aircraft so that it can be displayed on September 25th. Zeng was reported to be fond of various planes so much that he spent his free time exploring model planes. The homemade aircraft weighs 150 kilos, measures 6 meters in length and 9 meters in height. It took Zeng nearly one year to install that aircraft. The only homemade aircraft is going to be exhibited at an aircraft show in Chongqing. As he shared, his two-year-old son also loves plane models and is his biggest fan.


Zeng indulge in reading documents related to aircrafts. He wrote down the design of his plane in a notebook


Zeng Qiang at his house in Sifang village, Shuangqiao district


He is holding a propeller at his house


Zeng proudly boasts a model plane of his


Zeng is checking a model plane propeller on a fan engine


He poses with his homemade aircraft




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