Building Your New Age Power Brokers Business

By | November 1, 2017

New Age Power Brokers provides a unique business opportunity where motivated entrepreneurs can take advantage of the deregulation of energy utilities across the country to create a sizable income stream. Today’s economy leaves many business owners searching for ways to cut costs. Showing them how to take advantage of deregulation to save on energy costs is not a hard sell. While the opportunity is very real, it is not some “get rich quick” MLM. There are some essential keys to building this business successfully. If done right, there is absolutely no reason that one should not expect to reach reasonable income goals in a relatively short period of time.

First, you must believe in the service you are providing and actively sell. Your personal sales will allow you to build a substantial residual income. Spend the time to become familiar with the energy services you are promoting and be confident that you are offering a valuable service to the business owners you visit. Concentrate on all sizes of business. While the bigger companies will provide the largest commission, the smaller ones can provide a more stable income because each account represents a smaller percentage of your income stream. Selling is absolutely essential to building a successful New Age Power Brokers business and should be your primary focus for the first few weeks.

Once you have established a revenue stream with your personal sales, it’s time to focus on building your sales team. Downline consultants are the key to your long term success and should be selected carefully. Be sure that they understand the business model, believe in the service, and are willing to sell. Spend the time to train each consultant you bring into the business very carefully, making sure they understand the services they are selling and all of New Age Power Brokers’ policies. Remember that your success is not about the sheer number of consultants you recruit, but the number of successful consultants you train.

Finally, repetition will ensure a lasting and growing stream of income. Once you have established a working method for making personal sales, repeat it monthly. Whether it’s two sales per month or ten, repetition will continually build your residual income. The same is true with your team building efforts. Building a successful new sales branch every four, five or even six weeks will reward you with substantial sales overrides.

New Age Power Brokers is an exciting opportunity and the timing couldn’t be better, but success will require a consistent effort. If you’re looking for riches to be cast down upon you with little or no effort, this isn’t for you. As with any successful business, New Age Power Brokers will require an effort, but success is an attainable goal for the motivated entrepreneur.

John P. Donnellon
Talk-n-Save Communications
New Age Power Brokers Consultant


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