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Today’s fashion swimwear completely democratic: you can buy a solid leotard with a cut under the neck or, alternatively, bikini, consisting of three small triangles: as with a cake, and high-cut shorts. Swimsuit with a skirt can be or constitute a set of topics and a sufficiently long pants, although preference is given to still closed leotard. This is partly explained by the desire to be closed from harmful sun rays – sunburn ceases to be fashionable and stylish, as contrary to the guidelines for healthy lifestyles, as well as the fact that the gaunt-thin figure is finally out of fashion.

Trends in fashion – more romantic than a sport. Conciseness is not welcome, therefore, the brighter you will look on the beach, the larger stones and gems hang themselves – the better. Nice look swimsuits decorated with rhinestones – this may be decorated with stones and gems straps bodice and beaded tops and glass beads. Also panties thong with decorative zipper, which is decorated with jewelry Svarovsky. Very elegant, though slightly unexpected.

Another interesting observation regarding beachwear – bathing suits for some of its finish and hand guipure lace reminiscent of expensive lingerie. A little confusing and colors: tender, pastel – pink, blue, lilac, but in general such swimsuits look very elegant. Feel free to buy such a design “miracle” – you’ll be irresistible.

Daisy HID …

In fashion and floral motifs, and the welcome is not the field buttercups and daisies, and roses and precious tulips. But frivolous pots will be very appropriate! The background for the flowers, choose the most cheerful: a sky-blue, red or gold.

Especially popular this season, enjoy the trendy style of swimwear Vintage (style, interpreted in the spirit of contemporary trends that were current 40 – 50 years ago), and safari style. Go to last now include not only swimwear leopard colors, are also relevant swimwear snake patterns, fabric, imitating a turtle shell and crocodile skin. It is interesting to look like a set of artificial suede, trimmed with leather ribbons, called “Diana the huntress.” Warmly welcomed by the ethnic jewelry – fringe in an Indian style, as well as all kinds of straps, chains, belts and straps. The latter, incidentally, extremely popular and are attached to a variety of bathing suits. As the belt can also be used by light chiffon scarves, threaded in the belt loops and playfully tied at the side.

Metal jewelry, too, to some extent are the hit of the season – the last of the Paris fashion shows were presented swimsuits with metal chains, free tied around the waist. Has also been shown innovation – fashionable stylish swimsuit-chainmail. The abundance of metal ornaments suggests that if the lady suddenly appear on the beach wearing a bathing suit over the chastity belt, it will not have a sensation of the season!


In order that the suit was a perfect beach, you need a properly fitted accessories. It is believed that the purchase of fashionable stylish swimsuits must be accompanied by the acquisition and

beach footwear, bags and some clothes – robe, tunic, skirt, pair or a free shirt of the same style as the bathing suit. Some of the manufacturers to offer a definite line of swimwear even sunglasses and beach towels to match.

Of course, having such a rich assortment of beach accessories is not a requirement. But have a light clothingfor the beach need to hide behind the corrosive sunlight. In addition to stylish look, sitting in a chaise lounge by the pool and sipping through a straw “Pinakoladu, a swimsuit – even the most expensive and beautiful – is not enough. But if you throw on the shoulders of something light and chiffon to tone color leotard – is another matter!


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