Fantasy Football Sleepers – Defense Rankings Fantasy Football 2009

By | November 1, 2017

It is hard to say that there are sleepers at the Defensive Fantasy Football position. You will be picking no sooner than the last 2 rounds. But when you realize that some doofus will pick Pittsburgh’s defense in round 12, and other owners will follow his lead, you need to know who to pick in the last 2 rounds that will give you round 12 production. Team Defenses and Special Teams are up next in our Fantasy Sleeper series.

As far as defense rankings fantasy football owners need not worry too much. Couple that with the knowledge that the difference in the best Fantasy defense and the 12th is negligible, and you will see why you should be picking this position in the last two rounds of your Draft. Since what you are really picking here is a group of individuals instead of a single player, like your other fantasy positions, you can see that making predictions is even harder. A single injury can decimate a Team D. Just ask anyone who drafted the Charger’s D last year in a middle round.

Sleeper #1

The Seattle Seahawks have the 3rd easiest schedule for Team Defenses to produce against. Head Coach Jim Mora and Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley, formerly Tampa Bay’s Linebacker’s coach, both believe in a blitzing, attacking D. Just 2 seasons ago Seattle was the 7th ranked Fantasy D, and they have athletes at every position. Their Offense put a lot of pressure on this unit last year, and with the return of a healthy WR corps, and healthy QB in Matt Hasselbeck, I believe you can pick this D comfortably knowing they will be a great value with your last pick.

Sleeper #2

The Arizona Cardinals are facing the 9th best situation for a Team D in 2009. What is even better is their schedule in weeks 14 – 17, Fantasy Football Playoff time. They face the third easiest schedule for Defenses during that stretch. This is a team that immediately brings to mind high-powered offense, but has finished ranked in the top 10 fantasy wise the last three years, adding a whopping 14 TD returns the last two seasons. This is a very solid pick as a sleeper come Draft Day.

Sleepers mean value, and that is really what you want to be thinking every round. What is the best value here? Am I overpaying? Can I still make this pick in a couple of rounds? Do not get caught up in the Defense run in rounds 12 – 14. When they think of defense rankings fantasy football owners should think last round, and get one of the sleepers mentioned above. Be sure to check out the rest of my Fantasy Football Sleepers, and my Draft Day Secrets article series to ensure that you draft a monster.

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