Government Job Creation – Is it a Good Thing Or Bad?

By | November 1, 2017

Complaints are often voiced in various forms of how large and monstrous the federal government has grown. The federal government has indeed out grown the scope that the Constitution originally intended it to be. However, as oppressive and invasive as it has become there is a smaller more aggressive form of government that has sprouted up. It has become much more bold and unruly in many ways than its big brother.

This smaller entity is no less your local and state governments. In a span of 47 years local governments nationwide have increased spending by four times. It has also increased its employment pool by 4.2 million since 1980. With the increase in jobs so increases greater tax burdens in order to pay for pet projects, lavish health and retirement benefits. When growth takes place in government so dose the special interest groups and non elected committees.

These committees have assumed political policy making powers. Regional governments formed from multiple counties or cities begin to set policies for such things as zoning laws, property taxes, local sales taxes, as well as impact fees. With the myriad layers of political red tape one must encounter in the basic form of government one is now faced with the additional burden of finding who really controls the political process. Local governments are much more difficult to control because the smaller number of people it takes to make up a majority, thus the legal plunder method is more attractive at the local level.

Whether we go eye to eye with the lion, or the cub, one must be aware of the damage that can be inflicted if left to roam freely. Federal and local governments are consuming trillions of dollars and spending it as fast as it can be collected. It may well be time to return them back to the cage they belong in.

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