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By | November 1, 2017

If you spend time with me for long enough, you will notice that there is one phrase I like to use – “growth experience.” It was not always this way.

I used to see events of my life as detached conditions; each having a meaning of its own. It was only when I began to ground myself in self awareness that I began to see life the way I now do. For me, life and every circumstance I face is a growth experience; I now take all the events of my life, positive or negative as growth challenges, opportunities and experiences. This is what it means to be growth oriented. 

Growth Oriented Living is a terminology I use to describe a way of life where growth is supreme and everything else secondary. In Growth Oriented Living, everything that you do; every activity you engage in and the ones you do not, you do it from the perspective of growth. In your way of life, growth becomes the ultimate experience in every experience. 

The law of growth is the law of life; the one thing that stands before you and the person you desire to become is growth. With the passage of time, we all grow old; this is not the kind of growth I am talking about. The kind of growth I am talking about is the conscious development of the spirit and soul of man and the eventual manifestation of this increase in his living conditions – this is the ultimate challenge of life. 

Growth Oriented Living is a rather heavy decision to make; very few people are willing to live this way; but it promises the treasures of life for all those who are “willing and obedient”. 

Everything Becomes a Growth Challenge, Opportunity and Experience 

Everything in your life, positive or negative is taken as a growth challenge, opportunity or experience. Now what this actually means is that you do not take life or look at experiences of life from the perspective of good or bad; positive or negative; everything is looked at from just one perspective – growth. If we can achieve this state of mind, we would eliminate a lot of the orientations of mind that thwart our progress in life. For example, it would be almost impossible to mourn and complain about your lot because you would not end at just seeing negativity; for every “negative” circumstance of life, you would see growth as the ultimate experience in that condition of life. 

For the things that bother you in life; you would look at them from a whole different perspective – they would now be the necessary growth challenges, opportunities and experiences. 

Everything Becomes Your Personal Responsibility

People talk about taking full responsibility for one’s own life. Taking full responsibility for everything that happens to you is very difficult, if not impossible to achieve unless you begin to live a growth oriented life. As a growth oriented being, you begin to see everything, good or bad as something that you can use to become more. Evil disappears in your life because of the “everything works together for good” attitude. Primarily you see everything working together in the sense of everything being a growth challenge, opportunity and experience. You become undefeatable as you begin to “give thanks in everything.”

You develop a mindset where you are the “evil” you see in your neighbor and the change you seek in them. For example, if there are people who frustrate you, instead of you saying “these people frustrate me”, you begin looking at it from the perspective of “I get frustrated by these people”. Just this shift in perspective shifts the responsibility on you and therefore empowers you to do something about the frustration. You begin looking at the situation from the perspective of you growing through it to the extent of you stopping getting frustrated even when the people in question continue with their behavior. This is better than leaving things up to people and hence giving them power to determine your well being and therefore your fate. Get your power back, by taking full personal responsibility for everything that affects you. 

This is what I am doing everyday of my life; it is not an easy thing to do but as they say “easy is not an option.” If it is necessary, it must be done! I am taking on every challenge and using every affair of life to grow. Every circumstance in my life is helping me become a better person in every respect. Will you join me on this journey? It is an awesome way to live.

Christopher Kabamba is an IT professional with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from the Copperbelt University, Zambia. He is a student of personal growth and development. He desires to take up a professional career as an Author, Public Speaker and Life Coach. He documents some of his thoughts on Personal Growth and Development on his blog:

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