Halfpricesoft Gives Away QuickBooks MICR Check Printing Software At $0 Cost

By | November 1, 2017

Quickbooks users now can print MICR blank checks easily from the laser printer with the new version of ezCheckPrinting software from halfpricesoft.com. And the best of all, you can even get this software for FREE.

Printing checks from their computer saves customers time and money. Features like data import and saving check information for frequently written checks, eliminates painstaking check writing by hand. Custom check layouts and logo and signature printing eliminate the need for expensive pre-printed checks-users simply use a standard laser printer to print directly on affordable blank computer check stock. Plus, users never have to run out of checks and wait for more – more checks are as close as the local business supply store.

“Simple, easy, fast. That’s what small business software should be,” said Halfpricesoft.com founder Dr. Ge. “You shouldn’t need a programming degree or accounting background to use personal finance or check writing software. That’s why we made ezCheckPrinting so simple and easy to use.”

All software from Halfpricesoft.com, including ezCheckPrinting, is designed to be incredibly easy to use. Customers can begin printing checks within minutes of downloading and installing the software. The intuitive graphical interface leads users step by step through the check writing and printing process.

This affordable, super-simple, custom streamlined check writing and printing software – available at http://www.halfpricesoft.com/product_ezCheck.asp – was designed with direct input and guidance from those who use it “in the trenches” every day. The newly upgraded version of the already popular product was updated with new report format and import/export data features, plus other intelligent changes recommended by customers.

Some main features include:
– Support logo and signature image
– Support 3-Per-Page, Check-on-Top, Check-in-Middle, and Check-on-Bottom options.
– Print checks from blank computer check paper or pre-printed checks.
– Print pre-printed blank checks to fill in manually at a later time or to use with other software such as Excel file, Quicken, QuickBooks and Microsoft Money.
– Data Import/Export features
– Support multiple accounts with one flat rate
– Report feature

Never reorder checks – which often results in costly delays and fees.

Free up human resources for higher productivity and more sustainable savings, as check printing and writing software saves time and reduces labor and accounting errors and mistakes. Users can also customize their checks to distinguish themselves and promote company identity and marketplace recognition. Each time a check is printed it enhances the business image and strengthens brand identity as free advertising. Choose from various font sizes or add a custom logo to checks, for an added touch that separates a business from competitors and gives customers added confidence in the company’s professionalism.

Best of all, users can now get the software and the check printing paper absolutely free by using the special TrialPay offer. TrialPay lets customers pay for products from more than 7,500 online sellers and, for example, a consumer could buy clothing from the GAP or other retail partners and get a full license to use ezCheckPrinting software or check paper free of charge.

To learn more and take advantage of the free check software offer visit

Or go to video “How to print MICR check at $ 0 Cost”:

About halfpricesoft.com
Founded in 2003, Halfpricesoft.com has established itself as a leader in meeting the software needs of small businesses around the world with its payroll software, employee attendance tracking software, check printing software, W2/1009 software and barcode generating software. It continues to grow with its philosophy that small business owners need affordable, user friendly, super simple, and totally risk-free software.



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