How to Keep Fit While Watching Television

By | November 1, 2017

When we have busy lives, sometimes all we want to do is sit back and relax while watching an episode of Lost or Grey’s Anatomy. But unfortunately, our bodies just don’t appreciate the lack of activity, and even though you have a busy life, it can be an unfortunate side affect that you still end up packing on the pounds.

You can turn your TV time into an easy workout time, and here are eight different ways you can exercise and lose weight right in front of the television.
Exercise ball

Yes, an exercise ball doesn’t really seem like much of a workout… until you try using them, that is! Even slight movements of your body will require you to move your muscles, and especially those abs, so you don’t end up losing your balance and rolling to the floor instead.
Butt crunches

Again, so simple but many people just don’t think of the value of just simply squeezing your butt during commercials. The more times you squeeze your butt, the better your butt will look.

While stretching won’t do much for weight loss, it will help keep your muscles stretched out and loose, so when you do exercise, you will be less likely to suffer the stiffening consequences.
Commercial aerobics

When the commercial comes on, make yourself get up and move. Something as simple as jumping jacks or a couple dozen situps means that at the end of an hour long show, you have just put in 15 or so minutes of aerobic activity… great for your heart, body and weight.
Pilates Ring

Pick up a pilates ring, squeeze it between your knees and give yourself a thigh workout. You will get stronger as you practice, so start off with holding for a few seconds at a time. Before you know it, you will be able to hold for a minute and longer.
Skip the snacking

I know, easier said than done, because what goes better with a great movie than a bowl of popcorn? Instead, have healthy snacks ready such as carrots and dip or flavoured rice cakes. This will help fill you up so you don’t end up mindlessly snacking when you aren’t really hungry.
Don’t watch & dine

Same with the snacking, if you eat while distracted by the TV, you are going to end up eating far more than if you ate without the benefit of the television on. And yes, it really is best to sit at the dinner table to eat… even eating in the kitchen causes you to eat more too.
Pick up a Wii Fit

Use Wii Fit to exercise with your television instead of watching a show. Not only is it a lot of fun, you can lose weight through all kinds of fun activities from snowboarding to boxing.
So next time you decide to crash in front of the television after a busy day, keep these tips in mind so you lose those pesky pounds instead of packing them on.

Melanee Madison has faced the challenges of losing weight after pregnancy and knows just how difficult it can be for new moms to drop the pounds while looking after kids! Please visit for more weight loss tips for new moms.

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