Keep Hackers Off Your Wireless Router

By | November 1, 2017

Keep Hackers Off Your Wireless Router

Securing your wireless router is the foremost thing you have to do after you set it up. Other individuals acquiring access to your network is not something you would be glad to experience. This is specially significant if you have precious documents put in in your desktop computer.

Before purchasing a wireless router you are supposed to a short online search about which routers are believed to be best secured. Internet critiques will be really helpful here. After the purchase, associate it with your internet modem and configure it in the following way.

In the address bar of your favorite browser write or if nothing happens when you write the first IP address. This is going to give the configuration settings panel of the router.

Modifying the basic administrator password is a must since many hackers recognise the default passwords. After you change it, save the new password for some other time. This is important because you may to configure your router once more or reset it, and without a password it will be closely out of the question.

The SSID (service set identifier) or the Net name has to be altered too. In order to be capable to retrieve it easy we suggest to change it to your individual or relatives name. Like with the password, not changing the default SSID can leave your network threatened. After you do that, the next thing would be to turn out SSID transmitting. In this way your network won’t be able to send signals so it will practically become hidden to some other individuals.

After that turn on the encryption settings and alter it to WPA2. Take the freshest firmware for your router from the router manufacturer’s website. This way you will detect if there are any glitches and faults that might break the security system of your network. Also take note on the backup configuration of your router, just in case you need to reconfigure it. Adopting these measures will keep the security of your router on a decent level.

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