Making a Cross Stitch Card

By | November 1, 2017

Making a card from a relatively small piece of completed cross stitch is easier than you may think. First you have the enjoyment of stitching the design. Second you have the enjoyment of giving it to someone to mark a special occasion in their life.

The list of occasions is endless,birthday,wedding,anniversary,new baby,new home,sorry you are leaving or just a thank you. You can give a card for any reason it shows you care. The beauty of making cards is it uses few materials especially if you are a cross stitch addict. In the workbox there will be pieces of fabric and thread which have been left over from larger projects.

Once you have completed a design it may need a gentle wash in warm soapy water using soap flakes or a wool wash powder that is not abrasive. Secondly place the completed stitching onto something soft such as a folded bath towel, with the reverse side facing you. Gently iron the the stitching the towel will help prevent the stitching being flattened by the iron.

Snip any loose ends and threads as these may show through the work once it is mounted.

Now you are ready to make the card.

1 Put the stitching onto a firm piece of foam (similar to a mouse mat). Correct side facing up.

2 Take a three fold aperture card and place over the design centering it.

3 When satisfied put pins in the corners and sides of the stitching securing it to the foam.

4 Check that the material is not overlapping the onto the flaps of the card if so cut the stitching to size.

5 Carefully remove the card avoiding moving the pins.

6 On the reverse of the aperture place strips of double sided tape as close to the edge as possible.

7 Remove the protective backing on the tape.

8 Turn the card over and place over the pins and with light pressure the card onto the stitching.

9 Remove the pins and your design should be in the center of the aperture.

10 Again reverse the card and place strips of double sided tape onto the flap (this is the flap on the left).

11 Remove the protective backing and fold the flap over covering the back of your work.

12 Apply pressure to ensure the card is sealed.

13 Fold the other flap over and there you have a completed card.

For the same price as a shop bought card you have produced something that has the potential to last for years.

Jean Leeming is a keen cross stitch enthusiast. She writes articles on all aspects of Counted Cross Stitch and also runs a website: Needlework Magic where she sells a wide range of Cross Stitch Kits which are very competitively priced.

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