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By | November 1, 2017

Tracing the roots of Rugby League takes you to look back on the schism that happened in England in 1895. The schism is known to be the separation of Northern Rugby Football Union from the Rugby Football Union to create a new professional code for the sport. Although the schism occurred in England, other football unions in Australia and New Zealand followed after.

The separation is believed to root from class issues. The rugby union is said to be intended for the middle class while rugby league is set for the working class. This is because the latter believes that they need to be paid to be able to play. This is also the reason why rugby league is unpopular in Southern United Kingdom.

In the country, rugby league clubs are popular because they have close similarity with American football. On the other hand, rugby league was not so popular when it was first introduced in the country since there are domestic games that athletes vie for including baseball, basketball, and American football. However, the growth of rugby league clubs in the country multiplied when the international rugby team was created.

Throughout the years, rugby league clubs are gradually developing a new sport for both men and women since there are rugby leagues that allow women to compete. Efforts have been made to create a west coast rugby competition to continuously introduce the sport in the country. Moreover, rugby league clubs are also encouraging youngsters to learn the sport.

Rugby league clubs will always receive comparisons with American football because the two are closely similar with each other. However, many people believe that rugby is far more physical that it makes the latter look like a game for men who are not tough enough to endure physical force. The thing with rugby games is that players do not wear pads and other protective gears that football players do.

Many sports analysts believe that rugby league clubs can make it big in America. Its similarity with American football can be one reason for this, but they believe that its more of bringing a new and fresh sport that is not so foreign to Americans. Furthermore, learning the sport is easy since most skills needed in the game are also employed in American football.

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