Protecting Your Intellectual Property With Clisecure

By | November 1, 2017

While searching for .NET Code protection with regard to the .NET applications one has to very careful in choosing the right protection and licensing software else the opportunity cost of not employing it would be really high and things may not be on the sunny side of the programmer or developer.

Clisecure being the most advanced NET code protection and licensing solution allows software vendors to think and act beyond the traditional modes of protection like obfuscation and encryption. It is one of the best code protection technologies available in the market today. Clisecure has the highest level of expertise in protecting intellectual property and protects your code even when it is a resident in the memory of a system.

Clisecure is the most obvious choice for component developers and coders working on applications as well as windows based applications. It has a unique feature of generating valid .NET assemblies. Names of classes, methods and other symbols are kept intact to ensure that the code behaves exactly the same as the original one.

The flexibility of Clisecure is yet another feature that makes it a class apart. If you are willing to completely eliminate metadata information from your assemblies like class and method names you can do that very easily with the free obfuscation feature available with the trial version of Clisecure.

Its a easy to use and easy to operate protector with GUI and Command line interface for the users convenience. It takes one or more assemblies and generates their protected equivalents. This is in sharp contrast to the methodology employed by other vendors that use the original code. The command line interface will enable you to integrate Clisecure with your build server seamlessly.

The string encryption is another feature which makes clisecure a must have as it will befool a hacker who is in search of a string which will be giving all the license information and make your code vulnerable to being copied and then numerous copies of it being distributed in the market without your knowledge.

Clisecure is quite a protector to reckon with and supports 32-bit and 64-bit applications. It has support for all versions of the NET framework.

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