Salsa Dancing

By | November 1, 2017

Salsa! That sizzling hot dance certainly caught your attention. Like other Latin dances, its hip motion and sensual bodily movements are simply an attraction. The dance itself is a reflection of its literal meaning. The word “salsa” is Spanish for sauce. Like sauce which is a mixture of many ingredients and which comes in many kinds, the Salsa dance is also a fusion of many musical influences that are African and European in origin. Its many styles can be attributed to how it is developed in many places. In this sense, the modern salsa can be categorized as New York, Cubano or Casino, Los Angeles, Cumbia or Cali, etc. based on its place of development. However, credit goes to Puerto Rico and Cuba who both claim to start this particular dance fever.

Salsa is never boring as it can be danced in many ways. It can be performed and accepted as a single or individual performance. It can also be danced by pair, by group or by having pairings within the group. Its basic steps just follow two movements – forward and backward directions with both partners constantly encircling each other. Tapping and rocking of the feet, dipping, turning, and other movements must be strictly in synced with particular beats. Many dance studios can teach you to dance Salsa like a pro. Familiarizing yourself with its many styles is a good way to start. New York, Cubano or Casino, Los Angeles, among others, are distinct for their dancing emphases and strong accent for certain beats. Knowing the basic steps would certainly allow you to learn these different styles with less difficulty.

So you feel that you need to work out but do not have any motivation to do so? Why not try Salsa? Keeping fit and trim need not be a trip to the gym. With salsa, sweating out is spicing life up!

This is an article written by Cristi Enache. Read more on salsa dancing or after warming-up with salsa, maybe you would like to explore French kiss tips!

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