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By | November 1, 2017


I have read a story by Robert Anton Wilson called “Aborting the self-destruct mechanism”. In this story, he tells the tale of a young man named Bucknimister Fuller. This man felt like a total failure and stood on the shore of Lake Michigan in Chicago, one evening. He contemplated suicide. “The lake wind was freezing cold, but he stayed there many hours, arguing with God and the Universe and himself. He was 32, penniless and unemployed.”



Fuller chose in this moment to live the rest of his life as an experiment. He wouldn’t believe anything anybody had told him – Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you), dog eat dog or any of it – and would try to find out, by experience only, what could be physically demonstrated to work.


One of Fuller’s first experience-gained insights,he asserts, was that the Golden Rule was practical, after all. I had been positively effective in producing life-advantaging wealth-which realistically protected, nurtured and accommodated X number of human lives for Y numbers of forward days-only when I was doing so entirely for others and not for myself…Thus it became obvious that if I worked always and only for all humanity, I would be optimally effective.


The human mind was designed for total success in Universe, he tells every audience. When an interviewer challenged the claim that he was a person of average intelligence when he began his life experiment that night in 1927, Fuller said Repeat my experiment. Try living by those rules. I am no special child of God. Each of you is.


So use Bucky’s insights and begin by making a choice on how you want to live your life, run your business, relate to your family. Remember what you are like when you are really determined. See what you see, hear what you hear, feel what you feel.


Create an image of a compulsive thought pattern or habit that you want to get rid of. Put it on a large, flat screen.


Create an image of living the life that you want, wanting what’s worth getting, being successful as a small business owner and make it big, bright and bold, hear the sounds and spin the feeling of determination.


Make the image of living the life that you want into a small dot in your compulsion image and swish what you want into the place where the compulsion image was, make the sound swwwissshhh…. and do it five times.




Warm regards



Live an amazing life, succeed in your small business.


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