Skype Now Ready For Android Platforms

By | November 1, 2017

Skype, the internet Telephony software Services Company, has been in the news lately, first it was in the news regarding nomination of CEO which according to the rumors, the company is trying to tap an Executive at Cisco for the job. On Tuesday, Skype announced that its services will be available for the Android Platform.

Skype came into the mobile world realm by employing itself in the iOS devices. Skype released its application for all the users of Apple iDevices, so that they can make use of the telephony services without the need of logging on to their PCs. Now, Skype has further expanded itself by introducing its Android Platform services.

Skype has put some limitations as well, that is the services will be available on the devices that are running on Android Version 2.1 or any later version of the software. This Android App of Skype will enable the users to make free of cost Skype-to-Skype calls. Moreover, all the Android Skype App users will be able to send and receive IMs freely. On the other hand, call to phones from the Skype App will be charged as per the standard rates of Skype. Calls to phones will work over both the connectivity domains, that is; the Wi-Fi and the 3G Network.

If somebody is already having a registered Skype account, they will be able to instantly access their contact list of Skype on their Android device the moment they log-in to the Mobile App.

Skype for the iDevice that is mainly iPhone was launched back in May 2010 and according to the sales and feedbacks it is one of the most successful Apps that are available on the iOS platform. Skye for the Android will definitely become a hit as well as more users are getting inclined towards Android Platform.

All the Android users can install Skype App on their devices either from or the Andoird Market Place.

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