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By | November 1, 2017

Radar is used to measure the location and or speed of an object.  Radar is basic, it sends out a signal, the signal bounces off an object and a receiver picks up the signal and displays the speed or location of that object. This technology has been used for may different applications and of course it is available for sports.

Let’s take a look at the different kinds of radar that are available to baseball and softball players.  You have Glove Radar, Speed Trac Radar, The Sports Radar Gun and The Swing Speed Radar.  Each of these Radar devices can help your players learn vital skills in the game.

First lets look at the radar that measures the speed of the ball.

The least expensive is Glove Radar.  This device is good for pitchers but can also help the infielders, outfielders, and catchers.  Below are the details of this device.

This is a unique little device that can be fun to have at practice.  You could easily create little challenges between the players with this device which can get them motivated and help them learn a variety of skills.

For an inexpensive radar to measure the speed of a pitch the Speed Trac-X is in the zone.  The Speed Trac-X is a nice little device that can easily be taken to the field and the price is pretty darn good too.  Below are the details of this device.

Performance and reliability are dramatically improved on the Speed TracX due to the use of a newly engineered 2-layer PCB board, exceedingly superior quality board components and the most preferred x-band Doppler dielectric resonator module utilizing a state-of-art fet (field effect transistor). The Speedtrac-x operating software has been engineered to increase the ability to identify and track a target.


Speedtrac-X is the recommended training aid for hockey, soccer, tennis, baseball, cricket, squash, lacrosse, golf, cycling, field and roller hockey, speed skating, racquetball. It is also used for radio controlled cars and in recreational motor- sports activities such as Atv’s, Karting, snowmobiling and off-road motorcycling.


Speed Trac-X is easy to use just place your unit on the ground about 20 feet in front of the pitcher/thrower. Placing the unit close to the pitcher/thrower, rather that the target area, will result in higher “out of the hand” speeds. Also positioning your speed Trac-x radar unit closer to the pitcher/thrower, and not the target area, greatly reduces the chances of your unit being struck by the ball. The radar detects a ball equally, regardless of it’s direction of travel. Therefore, two people can play “catch” and the speed Trac-x will display the speed of both players throws without having to reposition it. Your speed Trac-x will also clock bat swing speed.


The only requirement for radar guns, is that the target be moving almost directly towards or away from the radar, for the most accurate readings. This is true for any radar gun.  The Speed Trac Operates on 4 ‘C’ cell batteries and/or ac adapter unit so you won’t have to waste batteries when your inside or carry a lead outside.

If your serious about speed then you need the SR3600 Sports Radar Gun.  This device is for the Pro’s.  Below are the details of this device.

SR3600 Radar Gun is a precision training instrument for coaches, players and enthusiast.  It reads accurate ball and swing speeds for various sports, including but not limited to: baseball, softball, tennis, bowling, golf, auto racing, and more.  The SR3600 is full featured, reliable, durable and easy to use.  Just point and pull the trigger and the target speed is displayed.  Our advanced microprocessor based speed detection calculates speeds in just a few feet of target travel.

Sports Radar is the pioneer of the Hands Free Mode which allows an individual to read the speed of various targets for training purposes without another person being present.  Our Data Port is a feature not found on any other radar gun in this class.  The Data Port enables the use of our large displays for remote viewing or for connection to a PC/Laptop for statistics tracking.  The SR3600 is the best price/performance radar gun available.

SR3600 Sports Radar Gun Features:

Speed Range: 10 to 250 MPH

Lightweight high impact resistant design

Point and shoot technology

Range: typically 60′ on balls , 1,000′ on cars

Resolution + or -1 MPH

Displays speeds in MPH or Km/H

Trigger or Continuous modes

Tripod Mount

Data Port

External Power Jack

Audio Indicator

Standard 9V battery operation (2 required)

Battery life: 20 hours

Low Battery Indicator

Weight: 1.5 lbs

1 year Limited Warranty

Made in the USA

You can’t win if you don’t score.  Need help with your swing game?  The Swing Speed Radar can help. Below are the details of this device.

Swing Speed Radar measures golf club head speed or baseball/softball bat speed to help players optimize their swing mechanics. Used by golfers striving to improve their distance, control and accuracy.  It is becoming the tool of choice for professional golf instructors and club makers.  Baseball and softball players train with it to also improve their distance without sacrificing bat control and contact consistency.  Coaches enjoy the immediate feedback provided by the radar to reinforce instructions to “hit the ball out front”. The swing speed radar measures the barrel of the bat, not the tip, “out front” in the hitting zone.

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