The Art of Emulation

By | November 1, 2017

Cancer Registrars have a secret weapon called emulation. This is a powerful
tool, not to be confused with blatant copying, but rather an emulation and
adoption of processes and methodologies used successfully by others. It is a
bridge between the basic foundation and structure of a cancer registry
department that can add value and meaning to the cancer program as a whole
and, even beyond that, into cancer surveillance nationwide.

Here is how it works. Registrars should routinely take time to evaluate
cancer registry best practices and the operations of other cancer registries
and programs in your area or across the nation. Initially, gather as much
information as you can to get a broad spectrum of ideas. Then, begin to
study the processes and methodologies you like and envision as adding value
and excellence to your registry and organization. Then, develop an
implementation plan for putting the material into action. Tailor the plan to
fit your needs and align it with the mission and vision of your organization.
As you gather information look for elements that will inspire and motivate
the team as you begin putting the plan into motion. Never underestimate the
power of a seemingly small idea, or spart of creativity, that can turn the
team’s interest and motivation into a fireball of creativity.

If you’re worried about copying, you don’t need to be. Although you did
start with another person’s ideas, you have uniquely tailored your plan,
built upon the original ideas and turned them into something that you can
call your own by drawing upon your professional instincts and experience.

After practicing your new emulation skills you will be able to fine-tune your
selection of ideas and methodologies and more efficiently develop your own
unique action plans. You will get excited about your program and others will
see your efforts as having a significant contribution that adds value and
meaning to the cancer program. Instead of limitations or roadblocks you will
begin to see creative options and multiple pathways to creating a successful
cancer registry program. Michele Webb, America’s Cancer
Registry Coach, is a nationally recognized, certified cancer registrar (CTR).
She cares passionately about her work and enjoys helping others to become cancer registrars and grow professionally. She is a motivational speaker, published author, trainer and netpreneur in the exciting field of cancer registry and oncology healthcare.

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