The crypt of the Cathedral in Amalfi

By | November 1, 2017


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From the door of the sacristy leads to the stairs of the crypt. The crypt was built about 1203 by Cardinal Pietro Capuano, on 8 May 1908 the remains of St. v’introdusse Andrew from Constantinople to the return of the Fourth Crusade. The body of the Apostle was buried in the middle of the crypt and tomb were built around the rich altar and the bronze statue of the saint, sculpted by Michelangelo clam (a pupil of Michelangelo), and marble sculptures by Pietro Bernini, depicting St. Stephen S. Lorenzo.The doors and cross the walls of the crypt were painted at the beginning of the twelfth century. Neapolitan artists with scenes from the life of Christ. One of the frescoes commemorating the arrival of the body of S. Andrea in the Cathedral and the miracle of the Child, which was falling from the top of a gallery (in the early Christian basilicas, the internal loggia open to the nave, was reserved for women), remains unscathed.

The pictorial work is a genuine historical document, because it is the only visual evidence of the Roman church – Byzantine. Since 1304, during some religious festivals, takes place in the crypt of the miracle of Manna, which is the secretion of an oily liquid on the surface of the tomb of St. Andrea.Three steps separate the nave from the transept, which covered ceilings and retains eighteenth century paintings depicting the calling of Joseph Castellano S. Andrea and the miraculous catch. Beside the main altar is situated the eighteenth-century Chapel of the Choir of Canocia, where there are niches and cabinets shrines.

The altar.The altar was built between 1711 and 1712 by Giuseppe and Paolo Mozzi using the marble of an ancient altar belonging to the monastery of St. Maria Positano. The large painting of the Martyrdom of St. Andrea was painted in 1715 by Auction. The two side pulpits were rebuilt in the eighteenth century. using a mosaic of old ambo (forum devoted to reading) of the twelfth century. Placed in the right transept is a marble altar decorated with an eighteenth-century painting depicting the Auxilium Christianorum, opens a chapel completely decorated with polychrome marble and covered with a vault frescoed.Campanile del Duomo di Sant’Andrea AmalfiThe bronze doors.The bronze doors of the first produced on the Amalfi Coast, are made in Constantinople as well as from the family of the donor (Pantaleone Comite de Maurone), and the inclusion of dedication, four panels on which appear figures of saints damascened silver. Median on the two panels of the fourth to the sixth register figures are the images of the Madonna and Christ.

Below, the third register S. Andrew the Apostle patron of Amalfi and the Orthodox Church, and S. Peter, the patron saint of the Roman Church. The four figures are erected under un’incorniciatura architecture, with columns rising from the ground, and decorated with chandeliers and capitals with stylized foliage. The remaining twenty panels show a cross, stands by a bunch of stylized vine leaves and a base with three steps, symbolizing the ordeal.The bell tower.Near the cathedral stands the bell tower built in several stages between 1180 and 1276. The base is composed of massive blocks of stone, the first and second floor have double windows (window openings divided by a two-column or a pillar), three holes (three window openings divided by pillars or columns) of Romantic style with columns and classical capitals. The bell tower is marked with interlaced arches marked by a series of yellow and green tiles, showing a Moorish influence.

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Daniele Davide, manager of Tredy Sas.

When You book an apartment in Positano Apartment in Positano – Amalfi Coast , with us You’ll realize how beautiful and magic this town is.

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