The Disconnect Between Canadian Politics and Canadian Youths

By | November 1, 2017

If you asked the majority of Canadian youth, when the next federal election was scheduled for? What’s a minority government? Who can possibly be the next Prime Minister? You’d find that less than half of that majority could properly answer those questions.

No one is really to blame for the lack of interest in Canadian politics by its youth; it’s just that the past 10-20 years has seen such an acceleration of time, technology, and cultural changes and these changes that Canada has experienced over the past 10-20 years, historically would have taken generations to come about.

As a result, this has created a bit of an intangible gap of understanding between the Canadian youth and the baby boomer generation that leads Canada today. Currently, most of the political leaders in Canada don’t reflect the interest, attitude, desire, intention, or ambition of the Canadian youth.

With no one to really identify with, it’s only natural that the Canadian youth would be in a position of disenchantment, while suffering through a silent national identity crisis. As a result the youth of Canada have developed a disconnection to their country or awareness to their national identity, and therefore seem to have no interest in Canadian politics or the direction and role that Canada plays in the world scene.

This is a treacherous dilemma that the Canadian youth are suffering through. However the problem is so subtle that it’s not talked about or even acknowledged. This extends beyond the range of Canadian youth, to that of young adults.

Moreover, the fact that more Canadian youth seem to know more about what is going on in politics in the United States, then in Canada is quite scary. However, we are approaching a time when the next generation of Canadian political leaders will begin to emerge on the political scene.

Furthermore, the next generation of Canadian political leaders will help to usher in a new sense of pride, national awareness, and identity to the Canadian youth, and all Canadians. Thus helping to bridge the discontent or disconnection between the youth of Canada and Canadian politics.

Change will only come about when the next generations of Canadian political leaders begin to emerge on the political scene, predominately because the youth will have leaders that they can identify with, leaders that speak the way they speak, leaders that understand the challenges that the Canadian youth are facing today and will face tomorrow, leaders that can connect with them in a way that the political leaders of today cannot. Then and only then will Canada see a shifting of attitude from its youth and young adults.

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“The disconnection between Canadian politics and the Canadian youth”

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