Virus Removal – What Files Are Safe?

By | November 1, 2017

There are many pure data files that your computer automatically treats as safe. These files (such as.gif,.mp3 and.JPEG fles) are deemed safe as virus code can not be executed from within them. For example, simply opening and viewing a picture that is in.jpg format cannot give a virus access to your computer. In order to actually infect your system, viruses must be contained in a file that your system will try to execute, such as a word processing/spreadsheet file or a.exe file.

When you are downloading files from the Internet, you should only accept downloads from reliable and trustworthy sources.

Regardless of the download source, always edge on the side of caution. Treat all downloads and files (including e-mail attachments) as suspicious. It is a good idea to check your e-mail security settings to make sure that you are adequately protected against e-mail based virus attacks. Make sure that JavaScript or Macro files are not able to execute automatically.

Once you have downloaded the file, do not run or install it right away. First, right click on the file and depending on your Internet security provider, contained in this list you should see an option to scan the file. For instance, if you are using a program such as NOD32, one of the options will read “scan with NOD32”.

This process of pre-scanning the file before installation allows your security software to detect any possible virus or spyware threats before they have a chance to be executed and cause your system to become infected.

Unfortunately, even if all of these steps are followed, there is still a small chance that a virus can access and infect your system. If the worst does happen, contact a professional virus removal expert for help.

Virus removal specialists will clean your system thoroughly and remove all traces of the virus. This process can often be performed remotely, so you can have your system back up and running and in full working order without leaving your home or office.

Virus removal specialists can often perform many other tasks for you (including spyware removal ), all remotely over the Internet, fixing your PC issues in no time at all.

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