An Overview Of The Brilliant Htc Desire Z

By | November 2, 2017

Messaging fans will be drawn to HTC’s latest addition to their range, the Desire Z. Not only is this handset a superb smartphone, but also one that features a fully functional Qwerty keypad alongside an impressive array of features.

Not many Android models past or present have featured the physical keyboard, one that have attempted the format have proved unsuccesful due to poor build quality. Thus if any brand could perfect this format, you have to feel it would be HTC with their consistantly well built and impressive models. The keypad comprises of four rows of keys, with all of the individual button feeling well spaced out and generally very responsive. HTC have even found the room to incorporate both a search button as well as two shortcut keys in order to make this keypad as functional as possible. Looking at the build quality of the mechanism and this element is also pleasing, generally it feels well constructed, with the manufacturers opting to mover away from a runner type system in favour of the hinged one found here, where the keypad arcs into its final position. A 1300mAh battery inside the Desire Z ensures very pleasing results when it comes to performance. This Lithium Ion affair allows for nearly 7 hours of 3G talktime, or broken down into standby figure this equates to approximately 430. The internal storage on the phone does seem a little low at just 1.5 GB, but when you back this up with an SD card slot, it can almost be forgiven as cards can be accepted up to a massive 32GB.

The HTC Desire Z comes with a good range of multi media features to keep all types of consumers occupied. Looking at the specification, the real standout feature is the video recording facilitiy, which in a bid to keep up with many of its competitors can shoot film at High Definition resolution of 720P. With the phones superb 3.7″ screen, results are superb, and upload to sites such as Youtube is both quick and easy thanks to the great connectivity options. Still shot are captured at a rather more modest, yet still impressive 5 million pixels. An LED flash is present for those awkard low light shots, and as ever autofocus save time in manual setting up how your shot will look. Smile detection and Geotagging complete the photography side of affairs. Musically the Desire Z is a perfect portable audio player, not only due to the huge range of file formats that it can process, but also thanks to the prescence of both a 3.5mm headphone socket as well as an RDS tuner, perfect for those times you want to catch up with a news bulletin, or simply grow bored of your own files.

The original Desire was a groundbreaking mobile phone, and the new Desire Z joins the Desire HD as superb and relevant additions to the range.

The HTC Desire Z and the Motorola Milestone 2 are available now

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