Freestyle MX Masters Barcelona

By | November 2, 2017

A true modern day circus will be coming to town in Barcelona this autumn. But instead of elephants, and clowns, and the roar of lions, this circus will be roaring with a cacophony of motor bike engines. Because this November, the city of holidays Barcelonawill be hosting one of the biggest Motocross Freestyle gatherings in the world, the Freestyle MX Masters of Dirt championship event on Sunday November 14th.


Freestyle Motocross is a new sport that is taking the world by storm; a truly spectacular combination of man and machine that has to be seen to be believed. Developing as an offshoot of Motocross, the all-terrain cross country bike racing sport, Motocross Freestyle has taken the jumps and acrobatics of that scene to new highs – literally.


Motocross Freestyle(also known as FMX) involves high speed attacks on dirt covered ramps, so called vert ramps, which lift bike and rider up to 60 feet into the air. Not only do these heroes of the arena have to deal with dizzying heights and connecting back to terra firma with a combination of grace and speed – whilst in the air – they must perform a series of jaw-dropping, heart stopping tricks to impress a panel of judges below.


When you see these daring riders in action, you simply will not believe your eyes – coordinated leaps, back flips, cliff-hangers, pirouettes and cordovans – the bikers fly through the air in an endless series of tricks like acrobats; only these professionals have no safety net. When the tricks are combined with a dazzling light show, music, fireworks and smoke, you can see why some describe this sport as something more akin to a pyrotechnic aerial ballet.


In order to get their bikes to perform so beautifully, whilst curving through the air, Freestyle MX Masters of Dirt bikes have been trimmed and lightened, until they almost literally soar off of the ramps. The sport is still developing, with it only being ten years or so since the first riders attempted that most dangerous of tricks, the back-flip. You can certainly expect the unexpected at this Freestyle MX Masters of Dirt event.


So if you are in Barcelona in Novemberand are up for an evening of thrills, high octane excitement and hopefully not too many spills, then make a bee-line for the Palau Sant Jordi stadium on the 14th of November. Freestyle MX Masters of Dirt will give you an evening you will never forget.

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