How to Pull a Deke in Hockey

By | November 2, 2017

We have all seen the pros pull moves that normal people can not do, and we have all tried to pull a move that ended up with us laying on the ice with the entire team laughing at us. But that was when we did not know what a good deke required. It was before we realized that the best dekes are not the ones that make us look good, but the ones that put points on the scoreboard. When you look at deking with that mentality, more moves become obvious, and it is much easier to score.

When we talk about deking there are a couple of flaws that players will have that will stop them from pulling all the moves that they can. To become a good deker you must make sure that you do not have any of these mental mistakes.

1) Pride

It is okay to be proud of yourself. However, it is not okay to let that pride get in the way of scoring a goal. You have to understand that you are only trying to score a goal, not show off. When you begin to show off you will only lose control of the puck and embarass yourself. You have to understand that the best deke may not even be a deke at all. You may only have to shoot the puck to score a goal.

2) Wishful Thinking

You have to be completely unbiased when you are about to pull a move. If you can think of a way that the goalie will stop your shot then the goalie has probably already thought about that. You have to make sure that you are doing what the goalie does not expect.

Along with these mental flaws are some guidelines to performing an excellent deke.

1) Do What they Will Never Expect

If you can always keep the other team guessing, then you will always score. You must be able to convince the other team that you are doing something that you are not.

2) Do not Get Fancy

You never want to get fancy. Normally you will just lose control of the puck and also the opportunity to score a goal. There is also the chance that you will take to much time deking the goalie and skate to a position where you have an awkward shot.

3) Let Your Main Goal be Scoring a Goal

As long as you focus only on scoring a goal, and nothing else, you will see openings. You will see shots that you can take and mistakes that the goalie is making. A good rule of thumb is that the simpler you keep your job, the harder you will make the goalie’s.

In order to deke you have to be able to see the easiest way to score a goal. Pulling a fancy deke that embarasses you is a waste of time. Also, pulling a move is not always necessary. Just remember that the great hockey players do not show off, they score goals. Only do what guarantees a goal, and nothing else.

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