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By | November 2, 2017

Recently, Projector Well-known manufacturer Mitsubishi Electric has released new high-end Education Projectors GX-740, this machine has a high brightness, the unique dust Technology , Power protection and low cost operation and so on, as Education Sector procurement Projection Machine set a new standard.

Education projectors have been occupied more than half of the domestic market, the projector market share, Mitsubishi has always attached importance to education development projection product innovation. As in recent years, the education sector needs to continuously upgrade the projector, the projector needs education is also toward the high-brightness, high-performance direction. Mitsubishi GX-740’s launch is in line with mainstream education market.

It is understood that the newly released Mitsubishi GX-740 uses a DLP projector education, technology, brightness up to 4500 lumens, 2000:1 contrast ratio to meet the major institutions in the medium-sized projector for each classroom class usage requirements, In addition, Mitsubishi’s unique energy-saving design, this high-brightness projector in standby power consumption was able to level down to 0.5W. Mitsubishi exclusive light bulb power conditioning technology, with unique lighting projector Mitsubishi servo circuit for GX-740 up to 5000 hours lamp life, reduce maintenance times and also greatly reduce the projector’s operating costs, which at the same level products are also unique.

With strong performance does not meet the educational users demanding the use of the projector needs in functional configuration on the excellent design, access to education is also an important guarantee for the user favor. To this end, Mitsubishi GX-740 is equipped with power protection, the unique dust-proof function, to ensure that the projector when the stability of long-term work.

Education projectors are always in the public environment, the power conservation is an indispensable function. GX-740 is equipped with the latest generation of Mitsubishi’s power protection, including protection of natural cooling and dual boot care, classrooms and other public environment to live in the projector to avoid damage due to insufficient heat risk, easy response to the busy classroom demonstrations.

In classroom dust pollution is inevitable, so educational users of the projector dust-proof performance requirements has been very important. Installation of dust in the air inlet filter of the post-dust approach widely recognized by the industry, but the inevitable increase in this type of design the late removal, replacement filter costs. Mitsubishi to break this routine, the GX-740 is designed without dust filters, dust-proof design by internal precision to achieve the dirt, this broke the conventional design for GX-740 without removal, maintenance costs more affordable. Without dust filters are designed to allow the heat projector more fully, but also reduces the noise when the cooling fan run-time work also control the noise level only 29dB, so that the students in the teaching process to avoid affected by noise.

In addition, Mitsubishi GX-740 has built-in 10W speakers with high volume, completely without the help of external speakers. With separate Sell Wireless microphone, real-time, loud and clearly reproduce the presenter’s voice. “Audio Mixing” features an audio and microphone can also be input from other audio sources, the perfect combination.

Mitsubishi Electric released the new GX-740 projector highlight, is the mainstream for high-end market demand in Education provides a high-performance, high reliability, the ideal choice!

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