The Top Sportsbook Software Provider, Price Per Head, Offers Telephone Services Backed By Highly Trained Clerks And Senior Managers

By | November 28, 2017


At price per head .com, the leading sportsbook software provider, we count with the most professional clerks in the industry, not just in terms of how knowledgeable they are concerning gambling, but also because we have trained them profoundly with human skills that are key to optimal client satisfaction in every single phone call.

All of the personnel at price per head .com speak with a native English accent; which ensures that the customers of bookmakers are not going to have any kind of problems understanding what is being said on every telephone conversation. And, since we are a sportsbook software company that is located in Costa Rica, a country where most people is bilingual, we have been able to choose the most notable individuals concerning their education level and attitude towards customer services, which is why bookies can be sure that their clients are going to receive a remarkable treatment.

One of the core aspects concerning how we have trained our clerks is customer empathy, as we want that every bettor that is contacting our call center can have a pleasant time while on the phone in order to help bookies to attain high approval rates, which can allow them to expand the volume of their businesses thanks to the positive connection they have established with their clients.

Apart from native English speakers, we have also expanded our operations to the Chinese market as we know that many bookmakers count with this type of clients in their betting portfolio, and sometimes people that speak Mandarin or Cantonese are forced to switch languages in order to try to place their bets with an American agent. By using our services, a bookmaker can easily avoid this, and it is for sure that his Asian clients are going to be more than pleased with the type of attention received, which guarantees that such customers are going to continue to place their bets with him instead of looking for the wagering service somewhere else.

We have also trained our clerks in voice tonalities to ensure that they will be as polite as possible and that they will always sound courteous and professional at the same time.

Our clerks are always guided by our team of senior managers, which means that even when an specific problem of any kind might arise in a conversation, it can be solve right there without the need of telling the client to call back. This is clearly an advantage for the bookie since he does not have to worry about getting calls from his clients asking him for further assistance as total satisfaction is guaranteed in every call made to our offshore center.

To hire these types of professionals can come quite expensive for a bookmaker if he was to do everything on his own, but thanks to the effective customer relationship management solutions offered by our company, all a bookie needs to do is to handle us their betting operation and wait for the positive results.

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