Carving Hand Tools

By | December 2, 2017

What may perhaps have started out as an interesting pastime while carving pumpkins for Thanksgiving may develop into a passionate hobby or vocation for people interested in carving. Besides providing hours of patient industry it can also be a lucrative and rewarding task. There is a lineup of hand tools for carving designs that help do the job skillfully.

Carving tools come in different styles depending on shapes, uses and sizes. It is good to know about the different kinds of tools used for particular jobs. Before you decide on what tools to acquire you need to pay attention to surfaces on which you would be carving. Woodcarving remains the most popular that includes fine detailing work like letter-carving, relief carving or figurine carving.

Several types of tools would be needed to cover the different fields of carving like wood and stone and so on. Carving tools are by necessity designed for specific applications. For instance parting tools in V shapes are narrow and smaller in size. The cutting edge is either 40 or 60 inches and almost always they are used for edging or corners that need finishing off.

Veining tools are usually in U shapes. They are small in size and used for making grooves and rough lines. Flutes are larger in comparison and largely used for making surfaces smooth for perfect finish. Chisels range from narrow sizes to the widest size. They are used for flat-cutting of edges and making appropriate finishes for the sharp edges.

Skew tools are like chisels to be used for straight cutting of edges occurring at 45 degrees. Depending on type of cutting they give the left skew or the right skew. Long bent gouges are best for making concave curves and to make hollows. Spoon gouges in concave shape with straight shanks are used for gouging. Back bent gouges having convex-shaped curves bending backwards are for working from the undersides.

The size of curved carving tools determines the radius of the curves. And so tools with low size numbers are mostly used for finishing. Conversely hand tools having larger curvatures have big size numbers suited to making deep cuts. It is best to have a good carving tool set that is a great investment for hobbyists or DIY’s involved in home improvement jobs.

Since carving tools cover the majority of projects that may be undertaken, normal carving work would require apart from individual tools and sets certain carving accessories like carver’s clamps and mallets too. Chip carving knives and whittling knives are really the primary tools needed to make a start on this fascinating hobby and are both simple and inexpensive.

Miniature carving tools can be handled by kids wanting to learn the craft. They are not children’s tools but are simply smaller in size making them handy for kids to work on the surfaces under hand pressure. Well known manufacturers like Robert Sorby, Hamlet Craft Tools, Henry Taylor and Flexcut offer quality carving hand tools and whittling knives.

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