Importance of GRE scores for US admits

By | December 2, 2017

Many of the students in this world migrate to USA to pursue master’s degree abroad. The high quality of education delivered in the US universities is the basic reason behind the migration. Admission criteria vary from university to university and of course, the stream. While GMAT is the basic requirement to get a seat in the management schools, GRE scores are considered for admission for majority of the other subjects like physics, mathematics and most importantly engineering! GRE is a typical entrance exam that consists of analytical and verbal sections. It is an adaptive test where in the difficulty of the questions varies with the correctness of the answers dynamically. Each section is associated with 800 marks and one gets 400 marks even if no question is answered. Quant is given preference when one applies for courses related to technology like engineering, mathematics etc. Verbal score is considered more if the course is related to literature or English. However, the entire pattern is going to be revised and a new pattern comes into picture from August 2011.Interestingly, there are many great changes that would benefit the test takers. Several bad things about the old GRE pattern like vocabulary that a native English speaker cannot answer were removed. One can go back and answer unanswered questions. The increment count is going to be reduced. Future test takers might be lucky! How important are GRE scores to get admissions into USA universities? GRE scores are not the main criteria that universities consider to admit international and domestic students. Apart from GRE, universities do consider academics, TOEFL scores, Statement of purposes and recommendation letters. One should not get disappointed with low GRE scores due to the following reasons – There are many US universities like Purdue that admit US students without considering GRE scores – There are many universities that consider only TOEFL scores to provide admission – A high GRE score is of no use if your academics are poor or if your recommendation letters are not good – A low GRE score can also get you admission into good schools if you have great academic scores, SOP and recommendation letters – You can take the test again and again unless you get a good score One has to remember that life doesn’t end if you are unable to score high in GRE. There are many other fields around and opportunities are plenty. If you are only interested in technology, the only way to score better is doing more practice tests. Take practice tests regularly and gradually you will find improvement in your scores.

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