Quarterback Training Fundamentals

By | December 2, 2017

Quarterback Training Can Make All The Difference If You Want To Be the Starter On Your Football Team.

Quarterback training is the most important part of being an effective player. You can be born with all the skill in the world and if you do not have training, that skill will go to waste.

A good quarterback must master certain skills. You should have a good stance. Balance and confidence are essential to everything a quarterback does. If you are not balanced and confident, your game won’t be very good.

You should also know how to hold, carry, and pass the ball properly.   First, you must practice. Knowing the drills and plays is good but, if you don’t practice them, you may get surprised on game day.

The more you practice, the better you will play. QB training concentrates on a mixture of practice, repetition, technique, and strategy. A good quarterback doesn’t only throw the ball. Critical thinking skills are also required.

To be an effective quarterback, you must know your receivers and how they play intimately. Personalities, strengths, weakness, and moods are aspects of the receivers that a good quarterback must know. Being able to read the field, and predict how the other team will react to your strategies, how they will move, and how to react to it is also a part of being a good quarterback, and may be the most difficult. Quarterback training does not end with practice or camp. It is a lifelong learning experience full of strategy and skill.    

Quarterback training camps help to provide the skills, strategies, and techniques vital to the position.

Leadership in the huddle is taught as well as footwork, accuracy, and many other skills.

There are many camps around the country and you should be able to find one close by. These camps can be expensive though, and for the amount of money you will pay, many don’t last long at all with some lasting as short as three days.

A less costly, inexpensive alternative to traditional camps is a quarterback training video. These little gems are great. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a mere few days of training, you can spend half the money and have a QB training DVD that you can watch repeatedly.

There are qb DVDs made by famous ex-NFL quarterbacks, as well as coaches. There are quarterback training videos on certain skills needed to be an effective quarterback. Strategy, skills, and ball control are some of the most important things a person will learn from QB training videos.

Being a quarterback is a tough job. The skills you have and the decisions you make will affect your entire team. Make the most of your training, and watch your training videos often. With training and practice, you will eventually be able to sharpen your skills, and lead your team to victory.

Todd Krueger is a former NFL Quarterback that was a 8th round draft pick in 1980 by the Buffalo Bills. He also played with the Houston Oilers, Minnesota Vikings and the Arizona Wranglers in the USFL.

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