Winter Surfing

By | December 7, 2017

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost winter all over again. For surfers, its arrival always brings mixed feelings. Looking out the window and seeing icy streets and driving rain never really inspires excitement for jumping into the sea, but as most surfers know, there’s a very good chance that the best surfs you will ever have in the UK come as Autumn takes hold and gives way to winter.

The last few months of the year are the best time to hit the beach since the water hasn’t had time to cool right the way down and the regular swells and deserted beaches offer the finest conditions to find the best surf possible.

However, if you haven’t tried winter surfing before, you do need to ensure you have the right equipment. Your wetsuit may keep you nice and warm in the summer months, but braving the elements when you paddle out come winter, you will need something completely different.

Boots and gloves are vital for keeping your extremities warm and a hood will both keep you warm and stop you developing the dreaded Surfer’s Ear. After that you just need to make sure you have a wetsuit that will offer the upmost in warmth while still giving you the flexibility you need for the perfect surf.

One of the best options is XCEL Infiniti wetsuits. Not only are XCEL wetsuits extremely comfortable and very warm, but the award-winning line also offers excellent flexibility and shows much less sign of wear than most others on the market. The neoprene in XCEL Infiniti wetsuits is mineral-based and therefore kinder to the environment too.

So if you want to catch the best waves that the UK has to offer, getting the right wetsuit is imperative. And XCEL wetsuits can offer you everything you need and a price that is impossible to beat.

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