Common Stitches in Ribbon Embroid

By | December 10, 2017

One of the most unique forms of embroidery is that of ribbon embroidery. This is something that can work in that it will allow a person to easily create some impressive types of designs for a variety of different materials. There are many kinds of stitches that a person can use in ribbon embroidery as well. Here is a look at some of the most popular stitches that a person can use in this practice.

The first ribbon embroidery stitch is the standard type of ribbon embroidery stitch. What happens here is that the thread is going to be brought up through a particular part in the fabric. The ribbon is then going to have to be laid flat on the fabric that is being handled. The needle can then be inserted at an area on the fabric that is right in the middle of its width. This will work to go right through the material to create a ribbon effect.

The spot on the ribbon can be pierced from the left or right end. This can be used to help with pulling the material slowly so that it will look its best. It is best to take a look at this when working to create a more impressive type of design on one’s embroidery work.

A stem stitch is another kind of ribbon embroidery stitch to use. This works in that the fabric is pulled through and the needle is inserted about one eighth of an inch in line with the first stitch. The thread should always be located below the stitching line for the best results so the thread will be able to look its best.

A French knot can be used too. This is one of the most unique ribbon embroidery stitches in that it can be used to create an impressive ball-like type of stitch. The thread will be inserted and then pulled up on the fabric. The need can be laid on the top of the fabric and twirled a few times. This twirling will be used to make it so that the ribbon will look its best. The needle can then go onto the fabric and pulled through to create this impressive knot.

Traditional straight stitches can work for ribbon embroidery as well. These are stitches that work where a person pulls up a thread, moves it to a new area and then pushes it down. This is convenient but at the same time it is a standard type of practice that may not be too impressive for some tastes. It is still a good type of stitch for someone who is new to ribbon embroidery to handle. It will not be too difficult to handle in any case.

These are great ribbon embroidery stitches to see. They can be used to create all sorts of great ribbon effects on any type of embroidery project. They can also be used to make it so that a person will have a good looking embroidery project to show off to other people.

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