3 Keys to Selling Used College Textbooks

By | December 11, 2017

Now, more than any other time in history, college students are savvier than ever when it comes to shopping online. This glaring reflection does not resonate more than in the business of buying and selling used college textbooks. For the first time in history, college students are finally getting the better end of this once “college bookstore takes all” industry.

According to the NACS, books and supplies for 2 and 4 year college students comes in at right under $ 1000 a year at $ 988. In fact college textbooks and supplies has risen in the past year than it has in the previous seven, outpacing inflation by more than double. Selling textbooks once upon a time, used to be the icing on the cake. Now, students want as much bang for their buck in times like these.

There are 3 things you can do to get the best monetary experience out of selling your book:

First, forget your campus bookstore. When you first got on campus, these guys may have looked like your friend. However, they are trying to eek every piece of profit out of every student buying books so that they can stuff their coffers with parents and students hard earned dollars. Conversely, they will never offer anything near what you paid for a new or used college textbook you may have owned.

Second, become social in your various student organizations on campus. Even with the advent of the internet, word of mouth is still the most efficient way to market a product or service, even when it comes to selling used college textbooks. If you are lucky, you will receive a price that is better than the store and the potential buyer will receive a better price than if they had paid through the store.

Third, if you have not familiarized yourself with search on the internet, now would be a good time. Today’s mantra to successful textbook selling is, “Those who search the most early, make the most when the semester ends. Become familiar with how to search in Google, Yahoo and MSN. When you finally have an idea of how the process works, focus on actual used textbook search companies who can compile more used college textbook information than you could ever imagine. You will have the information that will serve your needs best in no time.

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