Becoming A Fashion Photographer: More Than Just Photography

By | December 11, 2017

We see the fashion magazines lining the shelves at various stores. We see fashion tips and designers featured on celebrity shows and Hollywood publications. We take a look at the reviews of each designer throughout each high profile fashion week. These are all images captured by a fashion photographer. Fashion photography is among one of the most highly coveted careers in both the fashion world and the photography world. It requires a photography degree and plenty of experience.

When paging through publications such as Vogue or Vanity Fair, few take the time to think about the time, work, effort, and talent that was required to capture each photograph. It requires having a strong eye for fashion, style, art, and of course, photography. A fashion photographer uses all they have learned while obtaining their photography degree and utilizes it to create an exceptional portfolio of their talent and experiences in the fashion world.

Fashion photographers are those who capture photographs on and off the runway. They follow the designers, models, and styles from the design room to the catwalk. The photographs must showcase not only the photographer’s talent, but the work and brilliance of each designer as well. In addition to taking shots of the designers and their work, it is important to capture the photos of celebrities sporting the fashions as well. One of the most vital ways to achieve successes in the fashion world is through word of mouth, and celebrity endorsements. By snapping photos of Hollywood’s most beloved stars in a dress or pair of shoes by a particular designer, their popularity instantly doubles.

Fashion photography combines all that one has mastered while receiving their photography degree, while also using their artistic eye and combining it with an eye for style and fashion. Capturing the models photos is crucial, as it will depict the idea of the designer and the fashion that they are showcasing. These photos will be displayed everywhere, and reviewed and criticized by many.

The testing procedure itself is also a key factor to determine the option.

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