Booking Buddy & Orlando Florida

By | December 11, 2017

Booking Buddy & Orlando Florida


John Allsopp, who is the creator of Orlando Florida, is excited to announce his partnership with Booking Buddy. Booking Buddy offer excellent deals on holidays to various places throughout the World. John is signing up with many partners to help him achieve his goal; he would like to send terminally ill children to Disney World, Florida.


John said, “I’m really pleased to be working with Booking Buddy, my partnership with them will help me expand my Orlando Florida website. John Allsopp’s website, which is full of interesting and unique information and facts about Orlando, and her superb range of theme parks. Walt Disney World Magic-Kingdom is John’s favorite destination in Florida.


Orlando Florida has an unusual page which shows Fine Art prints featuring Prince William and other British Royal family members. Not the sort of product you expect to find on a Travel website; however the product is not as unusual as you may think, as explained below.


John is also an accomplished Portrait artist, his long association with Art started when he would buy Disney Coloring books, as a schoolboy.  John would experiment with color trying to capture Disney Characters and Disney scenes in none conventional hues, to make them look different, and by doing so creating unique works of Art.


British Royal family members have been captured by John’s unique highly realistic style of painting. The work depicting the late Queen Mother was donated by John to the Princes Trust, which was set up to help underprivileged children by Prince Charles.


David Beavis the North East England director of the Princes Trust said he was very pleased to have been given the Queen Mother portrait by John, it will be auctioned and the money used to help children here in the North East.


John’s Royal artwork has been turned into limited edition Fine Art prints; they will be available shortly from John’s website website, (Orlando Florida John’s intention from the sale of his Royal prints is to use some of the money to pay for a Holiday in Disney World Florida, for terminally ill children.

By John Allsopp

Booking Buddy



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