DC Comics Rising-Writing Their Way to The Top

By | December 11, 2017

Over the course of the recent year DC Comics has been making the push to increase their market share in the comic book industry, and how they are doing it is by going back to the basics.

While top competitor, Marvel Comics, has been focusing on the celebration of their 70th year in the industry, DC has taken a writer driven approach to increasing their share of the market revenue. Led in large part by the recent launch of their “Blackest Night” cross-over and the relaunch of the Batman stable of titles, writers Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison have taken the helm of what is shaping up to be a bright second half of the year for DC.

Geoff Johns, the primary creative force behind the Green Lantern cross-over “Blackest Night”, took both Blackest Night #1 and Green Lantern #43 into the top five for overall sales in the month of July. This was an impressive feat considering that no Green Lantern title had cracked the top five during the preceding 6 months.

To add to this push for top five dominance, writer Grant Morrison’s reinvention of DC’s Dark Knight has been nothing but comic gold. Morrison’s work on the recently launched Batman and Robin has landed him amongst the top five for two consecutive months (June and July). Even more impressive than this is the fact that Batman and Robin #1 was the top selling title for June outselling Marvel’s Captain America #600, the second highest seller for the month, by over 56,000 copies.

DC has also recently announced that both Johns and Morrison have been tagged to enter the world of films for the company. Johns has been named as co-writer and producer of an upcoming Flash feature film. Details on the Morrison penned project have yet to be revealed.

With these great strides by DC in the past few months things are shaping up for the company to hang around the coveted top sales spot for months to come.

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