Getting Involved with Hobby RC Airplanes

By | December 11, 2017

Remote controlled vehicles are more than just toys especially if you buy the slightly more expensive and advanced models. It becomes more of a hobby where you can do many things such as testing your vehicle in new terrain or participating in intense races with other RC vehicles. In fact, you can take that hobby even further by getting involved with hobby RC airplanes that literally take your remote control experience to new heights. When you first got into RC cars, you should have experienced the time when you had to choose from all these different models. Expect to go through that again because there are different types of RC plane models each with their strengths and weaknesses. Some of these hobby RC airplanes are intended for experienced flyers but others are very easy for beginners to try out.

Trainer Airplanes

The trainer RC airplanes are the best choice for any beginner that wants to know basic flying tips and general fundamentals that apply to the advanced models. Their performance is best if you fly them when the weather is calm and not excessively windy. You even get a better experience if you can find a trainer that can teach you all the nice things you can do with these basic models.

Park Airplanes

Park airplanes are similar to trainer hobby RC airplanes in terms of level of experience but they are smaller in size making them more suitable for smaller areas like parks and backyards. Many of these planes are handheld so you can travel easier with them.

Foam Airplanes

Foam airplanes are best described as lightweight and durable at the same time. The foam material makes them extremely safe and crashing the RC plane should not really inflict much damage. If ever you have damaged parts, finding foam materials are easy to come by. It is even better if you get the hobby RC airplanes that are made of expanded polypropylene (EPP). You can even fly these during a rainy day as the material is waterproof. These foam hobby RC airplanes also fall in the category of electric powered airplanes because they make use of batteries rather than gasoline. This also brings down the operating and maintenance costs. If you have that artistic ability, you can try customizing or painting them as well.

Electric Powered Airplanes

Electric powered airplanes serve as a nice balance between price and performance. If the above-mentioned types of hobby RC airplanes are too basic or limited in function, a safe step ahead would be to go for any of the other electric powered airplanes that you find in stores. You won’t have to worry about things like nitro or gasoline so you can spend more time flying and replacing or recharging batteries the same way you would charge normal electronic devices.

Gas Powered Airplanes

Gas powered hobby rc airplanes are for the enthusiasts that want extra performance and realism. Only try these types of RC planes if you are very familiar in maneuvering the electric airplanes. Although they require more maintenance and skill, you get more flexibility and sophisticated controls so you can do all kinds of exhibition moves. From there, you can even go more advanced by trying to fly jet engine powered RC planes that real flight experts use.

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