How to Juggle 5 Balls

By | December 11, 2017

If you’re a beginning juggler you’ve probably seen videos of people juggling five balls. Maybe you even know someone that does. You have to admit that it looks great. And the nice thing is it’s not that hard to learn. It just takes some practice.

Before you give five ball juggling a try, you should answer “yes” to all of these questions:

Do you juggle three balls very well, including consistent performance of several tricks?
Can you juggle four balls?
Can you do a three ball flash with hand clap?
Do you have five identical balls that are a good size and weight for juggling?

That’s really it. And, you really don’t have to be very good at four ball juggling. But it helps if you are comfortable with two in one hand in both your right and left hand. So practice that a little until you can hold the pattern in both hands.

Start with just three balls like you normally would for three ball juggling. You’ll want to throw them about 50% higher, probably just a little higher than the top of your head. Do this until you can hold the three ball pattern at this height for several throws.

Next, throw the three balls the same height as before, but throw them as a flash. You don’t have to clap your hands. What you’re trying to do is get the timing for releasing the balls quickly enough to accommodate two more balls. Got that down? OK, next step.

You’ll do the same three ball flash, but this time you should start with all five balls in your hands. Three in your dominate hand and two in the other. You won’t throw all five yet, still just three. This will train your hands to release and catch the balls properly. This may take awhile to get used to so don’t get discouraged if you drop a lot at first. Are you solid on that? Really? OK, it’s time to go for it.

So, all that’s left is to start throwing five balls in the cascade pattern. Go for five throws and five catches. Concentrate on keeping your pattern even, with throws from both hands being the same height. I know it will be hard to follow all the balls at first, but remember to watch where the balls peak and that will tell your hands where to be for the catch.

As far as counting goes, some people count all throws, while others only count the throws from one hand. It’s really up to you how you count. But you should count your throws until you are up to 100 total throws. By the time you can get 100 throws most of the time, you’ll know enough to make corrections to your pattern when you need to.

I knew after the first time I saw someone juggle five balls that I just had to learn it. It took me about a month to get up to 100 throws. Juggling five balls is still my favorite trick.

Juggling is a great hobby! Fred Barney hopes this information helped you!

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