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By | December 11, 2017

For a long time, the web been a source for the circulation of comedy. A huge number of websites are devoted to the collection of humour, and every minute an email crosses the world, filled with articles, embarrassing pictures and entertaining misspellings of words.

The internet is not just a place where you go to check your email and get the latest news. It is also home to some more relaxing and amusing sites. After a long day at work, a good way to lay back is to look at some online humor.

Laughter is the language of the soul, or so we have been told. So, if you want your soul to be happy, then you will need jokes to fill it’s appetite for laughter. The jokes that are displayed on the internet cater for all tastes, ranging from embarrassing pictures to amusing articles on current affairs.

Internet humor may be categorised as a style of comedy that specifically relies on characteristics belonging to the internet, such as “funny dancing” or “geek” humor. Usually, this niche type of humor starts off as an “in-joke” within a small group of people, until it reaches a significant proportion of the internet as it gains in popularity.

Although the internet has been responsible for the mass expansion of comedy, it was predated by bulletin boards, corperate messaging systems and faxes, since the 1970s.

One popular humor website called has its history dating back to the year 1997, when a computer science scholar called Allan Hansen began putting together a collection of graphics tips and jokes on a web page hosted by TeleDanmark Internet. The site was called “Allan Hansen’s Internet Site”, and the URL was impossible to remember.

With the advent of blogs, there are now weblogs which have the primary purpose of posting new jokes regularly. Blog readers often have the opportunity to comment on the jokes they find most funny and original.

The writer is a regular contributor of articles related to comedy, and is also the author of a humor website containing funny dancing and embarrassing pictures.

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