Learn English well Through Listening and writing

By | December 11, 2017

Since the first time when English became popular and used as an global language, a large amounts of people have begun learning it. Some people have learned relatively good English, while others may have learned some trivial things in it. Now so many people still want to get some good ways to learn this language. Certainly we have them today.
Listening is one effective way to learn English. But how to listen and what kinds of materials should be used to learn this language?

For the very beginners, they need to understand the basic elements in this language, like pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, phrase and so on. When they learn such things, they need to try to write them as frequently as possible. But everyday such learners need to listen for a while, say 30 minutes. You see, when you listen to something you have seen, it is very easy to remember it. And at the same time they improve their listening comprehension to some extent. At least they can practise their pronunciation, for they can get very standard pronunciation from the listening tapes or the CDs.

But to the intermediate learners, they can try to listen to the materials that are more practical. For instance, they can listen to some news, movies, and dramas. Such materials are not very easy to understand of course. It needs one’s patience much more than he or she has expected. And they learners need to try to listen for a longer time rather than just 30 minutes for the beginners. They don’t need to find too many materials, what they do is to find some pieces that can be suitable. Then try to use them to listen again and again until they think they have understood them fully.

Besides, people can use writing to learn English. When you learn something, you should try to put it into your passage. For example, once you learn a phrase “a piece of cake”. Then give it a sentence, like “Learning English is but a piece of cake.” Certainly it is not easy to learn English. And some people who have learned so many useful things don’t often use them. That’s why a lot of people can’t learn English well.

Maybe other times people prefer to learn by a software, like Rosetta Stone English which can tell you English natually. And Rosetta Stone can also tell people other languages, like Spanish, Chinese. Rosetta Stone Spanish and Rosetta Stone Chinese are available once people have intention to learn them.

I like learning, about lots of things. Language learning is part of it. Apart from it, I learn to know science, nature,computer and so on.I hope to post all the things I have learned into this place,sharing my happiness.

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