Retail Enterprise Mobility – Location Based Couponing

By | December 11, 2017


For a retailer location information is an absolute necessity for user-centric management. Though it has been present over a long time, today it has diverged into a major opportunity in the form of location based couponing. This allows companies to send out coupons or digitize weekly mailers based upon a user’s location.

With the rise in business of customer/consumer mobile applications being deployed on Smartphones such as the iPhone, Droid, and Blackberry, many companies are taking mobile couponing to the next level. With the actual customer’s location available to the retail companies via the geo-location on their phones, savvy companies can target promotions and couponing down to a city block. The company can send out updates via their mobile application, and base the promotion on many variables such as zip code, city or region. By working with strategic enterprise mobility partners, companies can turn this tool into an inventory management system. By tying into back-office systems, the mobile device and digital merchandisers could offer promotions based on inventory levels.

The merchandiser can develop a geo-targeted couponing campaign based upon real-time mobile analytics during a new product launch. The campaign is pushed to the company’s customers’ mobile devices during the application launch. The promotion can be targeted to individual buyer groups, giving the firm’s customers a targeted and compelling value proposition to encourage purchase. Users who bring in a coupon on their mobile device are 30% more likely to convert or purchase the promoted product or service. A recent study by Gartneralso showed that mobile couponing was one of the top activities consumers who use mobile devices for shopping planned on doing. What will separate retailers who are successful with mobile couponing from those who are not, will be the approach they take  to mobile coupons.

While innovative application developers continue to incorporate the latest technology into their applications and follow industry trends to provide the firm’s customers with best-of breed mobile applications, the mobile marketing landscape will continue to evolve dynamically.

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