Role Of Stem Cells In Menstrual Blood

By | December 11, 2017

The undifferentiated cells, which can differentiate into specialized cell types, are called stem cells. Stem cells can be broadly divided into two parts, embryo stem cells and adult stem cells. Further, there are majorly three types of stem cells; they are Hematopoietic stem cells, Mesenchymal stem cells and endothelial stem cells. Life threatening diseases can be cured with stem cells. Stem cells can be obtained from the umbilical cord cell within 10 minutes from a child”s birth. But the blood is too less to cure an adult. Moreover few ethical groups have raised controversy regarding the usage of umbilical cord blood. The reason for the controversy is that is involves destruction of human embryos.

Recent researchers have discovered that the menstrual blood, which comes in every month”s cycle, is generally thrown away. But this blood is very rich in stem cells. The stem cells have abundant white cells, which can cure the dead or the dying cells. Once the blood rich in stem cells is injected in a human body, it can cure several diseases. Stem cell therapy is popular since more than a decade now. The therapy is popular in countries like USA, Italy, Germany, Denmark, UAE, Egypt, Russia, Greece and many other countries. The treatment, which involves Stem cell therapy, is painless, though it might be a little cost effective. If the menstrual blood is used to cure diseases, it will not give rise to any controversy as it does not involve destruction of human embryos. The Stem cell therapies cure both cancerous and non cancerous patients. The menstrual blood is thrown away as a sanitary waste. But this blood has the capacity to cure diseases like acute leukemia, osteoporosis, spinal cord injury, strokes, burns, metabolic disorder and many more.

The menstrual blood is very rich in stem cells and it can cure more than 70 types of diseases. The main function of the stem cells is that it builds the bridge between the fertilized eggs which original exists and the architecture that we build. Stem cord supplies the cell that constructs the adult body. Stem cells can be used to replace tissues and organs too in the recent future. Apart from providing medical benefits stem cells helps in therapeutic cloning and regenerative medicines. With the help of stem cells few organs and limbs can be developed in labs and then used for transplantation. Many drugs are been tested on the stem cells and not on animals or human testers. Stem cells can detect the power of the drugs and assist to detect the effect of the same of humans. Stem cells have proved fatal in the study of abnormal birth.

Though the menstrual blood has not yet been used in human body. The blood has only been tested at labs. But in the near future, the menstrual blood will be used in human body too. The main advantage for using this blood is that it will not have any debates around it.

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