Selling Books – The Latest 5 Top Secrets to Sell Your Books

By | December 11, 2017

So, you have recently finished writing a compelling and interesting book and now you are ready to convert it to instant cash. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Position yourself as an expert on your chosen niche. You cannot possibly get your target audience to buy your books unless you can convince them that you are truly knowledgeable on your chosen niche. Let me give you an example; if people haven’t heard about you before and you are selling them with books about how to improve their relationships with their spouse, do you think they’ll even consider buying from you? If these people doesn’t have any proof that you can offer them with valuable information that they can actually use in improving the quality of their lives, there is no way that you’ll be able to win their business.

2. Offer free chapters for free. If you are really confident that your prospects will be happy to read your books, I recommend that you give them a couple of chapters for free. Your goal here is to give them just enough information to tickle their imagination and leave them wanting for more. If these people are impressed with your writing and with the content of your book, you can be assured that they’ll make a purchase in no time.

3. Advertise. Give your books the kind of exposure they deserve to increase your chances of making a sale. You can do this by running your ad on TV, radio, or newspaper. However, if you are targeting online users, you can use the internet as your marketing medium. You can have your books sold on Amazon and other similar affiliate sites.

4. Tie up with book stores. If possible, talk to book store owners to put your books on their “recommended list” to increase your chances of making a sale. These people are most likely to give in to your request if your creations are truly compelling and interesting.

5. Have your books featured on magazines, radio programs, or even TV shows. If you have the resources, you can have celebrities talk about your books to influence the buying decision of your target market. For example, you may get Oprah to recommend your books to her audience. As she’s got so many followers, you can be assured that this will help you boost your sales by up to a hundredfold.

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Product Description

Do not surrender Grandma's good jewelry to the gold buyers! Written with heart and humor, this sassy little book explains how to sell vintage and gold jewelry on eBay for top dollar. Since success can lead to obsession, the author explains how to buy online to resell online. Explanations of the entire process are peppered with the author's real world wins and woes.

Micki Suzanne is a freelance marketing writer and lifetime collector who has owned her own brick and mortar antique shop. Lyme disease turned her world upside down, forcing her to turn to eBay for inventory and much-needed additional income.

She is a former eBay Voices of the Community member with 100% positive feedback.

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