Sing A Ma Jigs Affordable Singing Stuffed Animals

By | December 11, 2017

Sing a ma jig the singing stuffed animal sensations are the must have toy for children this holiday season. These interactive toys are adorable, cuddly, and colorful singing toys that are at the top of most childrens Christmas lists. The Sing a ma jig are toys for children over 3 and under ten years of age.
Sing a ma jigs come in 9 colors; hot pink, mint green, teal, yellow, pink, blue, red, orange and purple. They are available in sets of 2, 4 and 6, but you can also purchase individual characters. Each color variant has its own preset song. Among the many amazing things about this toy is that it allows children to learn to differentiate the differences in vocal ranges as each doll has a unique vocal range. Put the dolls together and they sing in perfect harmony like a choir. This also encourages children to appreciate music.
Sing a ma jig are very cute stuffed baby animals about 12 inches long. They are eye-catching because of their bright colors and the charming retro 70s style t-shirts they wear.
These very appealing soft toys have hypnotic eyes and round mouths that hide little teeth and a tongue which they reveal when they sing. Sing a ma jig can either jibber-jabber, sing their own preset song or sing together in harmony; all with a press on its belly. A press on its left paw changes its singing modes.
Sing a ma jig have become the hottest selling toys since they were introduced at the 2010 New York Toy Fair. They are also among the Famous 15 toys. It is because of their popularity that most retail stores have found themselves running out of these toys because of huge demand from children and adults, too. With the holidays just a few days away, the mad rush to get these delightful toys, have risen dramatically. If you are planning to get one for your child, you really do need to hurry!
The Sing a ma jig is also very affordable. An individual Singamajig costs about $ 20 or less, depending on the color variant. Many adults have started collecting Sing a ma jigs in the anticipation that Sing a ma jigs will go up dramatically in price.
Many have hailed the Sing a ma jig as the revival of the age-old favorite, the teddy bear. They are soft, adorable, colorful, and lovable. And like the teddy bear, children (and adults) cant put them down.
Sing a ma jig are also remarkable because they encourage children to improve their social skills. Sing a ma jig sound better when there are more of them put together to sing in harmony; this makes children more willing to play with other kids to make their own special Sing a ma jig choir.
This Christmas season, give your child the perfect gift. Give your child a Sing a ma jig.
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