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By | December 11, 2017

5 12, since the Wenchuan earthquake occurred eight years, is now entering the post-disaster reconstruction, disaster victims in need of temporary replacement housing pay close attention to construction, then the number of post-disaster reconstruction needs of steel, caused by steel mills and steel trade business concerns.

Up at 12 o’clock on the May 31 Wenchuan earthquake has caused 68,977 people were killed, 367,854 injured and 17,974 people missing. Total number of affected people 4554.7565. More than 400 million sets of houses collapsed, a large number of bridges, roads, railways and other infrastructure construction, suffered serious ground-breaking, post-disaster reconstruction task is arduous, the scale, at least 3 to 5 years. Industry experts believe that the reconstruction after Wenchuan earthquake, may not be returned to the general sense of the pre-disaster level, there should be more strategic thinking. Point from the narrow point of view, the construction of earthquake reconstruction, water resources protection, water conservancy, electric power facilities, and more efficient transport system and so should not be a pre-disaster level of the general meaning of the “restoration of “, but should be a higher level of” reconstruction. ” From the larger perspective, the earthquake has affected virtually all of the western region, while the post-disaster reconstruction will be fully under the central government’s unified plan to promote, and there could be an overall strategy of western development as a breakthrough opportunity.

Sichuan earthquake reconstruction into “recovery” stage and “building” stage. In the “recovery” phase, the Chinese government has established a 70 billion yuan in reconstruction funds, from around the world, all over the country contributions, can be as short-term “recovery” phase of the capital. In the real “construction” phase, estimated funding needs at least several hundred billion dollars. Large-scale projects such as roads, water supply, power generation, irrigation, sewage treatment, etc., need to rebuild.

Reconstruction huge demand for steel, is currently under construction for temporarily housing placement activities for the color steel board room, the color coated composite panels and light Steel Manufacturing. Preliminary estimates do not include the activities of public facilities board room approximately 750 thousand to 800 thousand tons color plate. Present, including many steel mills, including Baosteel has ramped up production of color plates. Baosteel to step up production in the disaster aid worth 50 million yuan Color Plate Housing needed Color coated The same time, undertake a national one million sets of color coated light activity room project delivery tasks. Sichuan Province of heavy steel group also received a rapid production of 800 thousand square meters Color command. It is understood that production of 800 thousand square meters of “Color seismic activity board room”, the required color steel reached 14 thousand to 15 thousand tons.

Industry believes that the rapid increase in demand for color coating the short term, led the color substrate (zinc) needs. Baosteel has stopped the export of color coating steel 6,7 month contract, the domestic sales contract will also communicate with the user to fully suspend the supply to August.

“Recovery” phase of the temporary houses, the main use of steel is the square tube (or the C-tube), galvanized plate, color coated steel, drill rod, etc., while the square tube has the main welded by hot-rolled narrow strip made of drill rod generally is 3 Rebar Made of steel with living facilities, about 100 tons.

In addition, the earthquake in Sichuan transportation infrastructure losses 58 billion yuan, has nearly completed construction of the first three years the province’s total investment in transportation combined. Caused 21 highway, 15 national and provincial trunk highways, 2756 Country Road subgrade surface, bridges, tunnels and other structures, the damaged highway mileage of close to 30,000 km, bridges damaged 3053. Transportation infrastructure in accordance with post-disaster reconstruction in Sichuan Province Planning, “Western Corridor” National Road 213 are Timor Road (Dujiangyan to Wenchuan) above, is reopened in advance of the first expressway. Wen road length of 26 km are expected to invest 3.6 billion. If road transport back to Sichuan before the earthquake, initially expected to take three to five years the fastest, with a total investment over 100 billion yuan. Steel is also a great need here. According to statistics, requires that each kilometer of highway consumption of steel (including the fence, fence, steel roof) about 90 tons. According to China’s implementation of industry-standard highway guardrail plate JT/T281-1955M “of Corrugated Beam Steel Fence” requirement, per km (one side) guardrail need long 4320mm plate 250, combined weight 12,290 kg; reinforced the central division needs of each column with a 500 km, combined weight 11.85 tons, when the 1 km highway design enhanced with common standards and road on both sides of the central partition fence, the need for guardrail steel 49.16 tons, 47.7 tons column. All repair industry is estimated that nearly 1 million tons of steel required, mainly thread, wire, bridge plate, General Board And so on. The disaster relief, the Ministry of Transportation for emergency calls 36 Bridge for War, and some other places lose manufacturing readiness bridge.

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