Treadmill Cushioning

By | December 11, 2017

A major advantage of running on treadmills, instead of a track or other hard surface, is the cushioning that treadmills provide. Do you know anyone who has been running consistently for more than twenty years? They’ll likely tell you about their joint pain. The jarring effect of running can take its toll on the runner’s knees and feet. Most treadmills provide a cushioning mechanism that reduces the effect of running on the runner’s joints by cushioning the impact of each step. Studies have shown that running on treadmills can reduce joint impact by up to 15% over running on hard surfaces.

Simply taking time off between runs can often allow joint damage to heal and for the joints to actually strengthen. However, the conditioning of running can be so beneficial, and the act of running itself can feel so good, that the runner wants to do it every day. It’s human nature to ignore, or want to work through, the discomfort.
Treadmill cushioning also can reduce the amount of energy expended, compared to running on a hard surface. When running on a hard surface, a certain amount of effort is required to propel yourself forward with your calves and to absorb the impact of the landing of your feet. Treadmill cushioning can reduce this. In place of this effort, the treadmill runner can exert more effort with the larger quadriceps muscles and thus burn calories more efficiently.
Many brands of treadmill proclaim the superiority of their form of cushioning. Trade names further the impression that that company’s cushioning is unique and superior. It is difficult to determine the truth behind these claims and impressions since manufacturers typically give few details on how their cushioning mechanisms actually work.  Most of the mechanisms do provide an adjustment that allows the user to choose a lever from rigid to very soft. On more expensive machines, this adjustment can be made while using the machine. On others, the user must make this adjustment while off the treadmill. 
Fortunately, this is one instance where consumers are not hurt by what they don’t know. Virtually all cushioning systems tighten or loosen the treadbelt by increasing or decreasing the tension of a form of spring that applies pressure against the underside of the belt. Many experts suggest that runners adjust the treadbelt tension to a level where they can feel the spring, but footing remains sure. This level of comfort should allow the user to run safely and efficiently for many years.

Product Description
Here for your home workout convenience is the confidence power Trac, a Treadmill designed to be affordable and brimming with features. You can even compact it to a folded position when it's not being used. Confidence has fitted the Treadmill with a 600W motor capable of speeds from 0.6mph to 6.2mph. There are four pre-set speeds and 12 built-in fitness programs to choose from, along with three possible angles of incline to increase to. A stop clip is available for emergencies. Monitoring your fitness is also possible thanks to the informative LED display screen. Keep a close eye on your calories, speed, time, and distance throughout your workout. Features 12 built-in fitness programs range of speeds: 0.6-6.2mph four quick-select pre-set speeds: 1.86mph, 3mph, 4.9mph, 6.2mph LED display shows: speed, distance, time, calories adjustable manual incline: 5 degrees, 3.5 degrees, 2 degrees emergency stop clip 600W motor specifications runway size: 14in x 39in folded arm length: 22 inch dimension when ready for use (L x b x h): 49in x 24in x 47in dimensions when folded up (L x b x h): 49in x 24in x 10in weight of machine: 52lbs weight of delivered package: 55lbs max user weight: 265lbs max load: 330lbs convenient exercise is just a simple order away with the confidence power Trac Treadmill.

Price: $262.81
  • 0.6-6.2Mph speed - 12 built-in fitness programs
  • Four quick-select pre-set speeds: 1.86Mph, 3Mph, 4.9Mph, 6.2Mph
  • LED display shows: speed, distance, time, calories
  • Adjustable manual incline: 5 degrees, 3.5 degrees, 2 degrees
  • 735W/1HP motor

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