Trendy Styles Of Bridal Veils These Days

By | December 11, 2017

Veils have been among the traditional stuff that brides are wearing for thousands of years, but are something that still popular to most brides today. And just like wedding gowns, veils also evolve to meet the requirements of trendy brides. They are available in many different trendy styles and details that can be accentuated with trendy head accessories.

There is something special about a veil, that is why even the most contemporary brides still opt to wear one, at least just for their wedding ceremony. Sure, one can never go wrong with a plain tulle which is a classic type of bridal veil, but many designers these days also offer unique veils that feature attractive details and touches.

Wedding veil can be very expensive, that is why some brides prefer to make their bridal veil. It is actually quite easy to make one for yourself. Adding a trim or ornament, for example, to a simple gathered piece of tulle makes a dramatic effect. If you wish to make a nice finishing touch, you can simply add a decorative border to your veil’s outer edge. Although ribbon borders are among the most classic types of veil edges, but you may opt for a bit more contemporary style. There are now several new types of edges for bridal veils. You may consider three narrow pieces of ribbon to create a more modern and dynamic touch to the edge of your veil, or you can use colored ribbon instead of white or ivory which are both very common.

Some modern alternatives to traditional ribbon-edge veils are soft sheer ruffle and pleat. These are used to create a more architectural detail on the veil. For today’s romantic and less-formal wedding gowns, a ruffle- or pleat-bordered bridal veil makes a beautiful choice.

Other trendy ideas for today’s bridal veils feature some details that are used throughout weddings. For example, having monograms onto your wedding veil. Monograms have been a used in creating a unique theme to a wedding, from including them to the invitations, decorations, favors, and of course to the veil of the bride. If you opt to have your monograms be included to your veil, you can order a customized one with the personalized detail you wish. Many brides love this because they want to make their veil a great wedding keepsake.

Today, another trendy way to embellish bridal veils is to add Swarovski crystals. Crystals have been very popular to bridal jewelry and event to bouquets. If a bride cannot get enough sparkle, a veil with some Swarovski crystals makes a good solution to her problem. These tiny crystals can be attached to the body of the veil, or used to the veil’s edge. These crystals gives a perfect sparkle especially when caught by the light.

Bridal veils can also be ordered online. If you can’t make your own or just tired of looking at them in malls or local bridal shops, you can just simply go online and browse a much wider selection. Visit online bridal websites that usually offers such wedding necessity and other bridal accessories, bridal jewelry, and etc.

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