What Are Solar Panels Made Of

By | December 11, 2017

You can make your own solar panels but in all reality, unless you know what you’re doing, it’s better to get them from the professionals. Nevertheless, you still need to understand that there are currently two different kinds of panels which are crystalline silicon and amorphous silicon. Although both panels are basically made up of solar converting cells that have the ability to convert solar rays of light into energy that we use every day.

The first and foremost type to hit the market was the crystalline silicon panels. Sadly, crystalline solar panels were known for being very fragile. Cutting the crystalline silicon discs but the process itself was known to cause damage and the maker would have to repair the sheets before continuing. Thermally conductive cement is used to bond everything together because without it the panels would overheat which is another reason to deter one from getting crystalline.

Although crystalline silicon once had the only style available in the beginning of solar panel construction it was A-si, also known as amorphous silicon that seemed to take over the way that these panels would be built for a lower cost. This style made it a lot easier to handle because it was not as fragile as the crystalline and it converted energy just as good. This low cost and ability to make the solar panels faster made it a lot easier for them to get popular by people real fast.

In conclusion, crystalline panels and amorphous panels are both in use today because they each have their strong points. Amorphous may be more durable and easier to manage but crystalline has the ability to go in smaller areas. Fortunately, both are friendly to the environment and save you money by paying for their selves with producing you with a renewable energy source.

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