What to Do With Tropical Freshwater Fish Tank Aquariums When on Vacation

By | December 11, 2017

There is no need to avoid vacations or worry about your fish tank aquariums while you are away if you follow the subsequent advice.

Fish do not need to be fed everyday and having a couple of days without food will actually help fish clear out their digestive systems and will also have a beneficial effect on your tank aquariums because of reduced pollution. So if you plan to be away only a couple of days, there is no need to worry about feeding – your fish will survive! Do not be tempted to give them an extra large meal before you leave as overfeeding can cause serious problems and it is much more harmful than underfeeding!

If you are going away for longer you may want to ask someone to feed your fish. Unless they are an aquarist, be sure to pre-measure the food for each day you are away and put the portions into containers marked for the particular day.

Another option is to use vacation blocks of food which come in weekend size up to 14 day size. These blocks are made of Plaster-of-Paris mixed with fish food. As the Plaster-of-Paris dissolves in the water, the fish can eat the food.

The alternative which I am happiest with when I cannot call on someone is to set up an automatic fish feeder. They are normally battery-powered and simply clip on to you tank aquariums. You fill them with the appropriate dry foods for your fish and set them to give one or several meals per day. Since your fish are left to depend on this automatic dispenser for their food, ensure it is working properly by testing it for a number of days beforehand.

A few days before you leave, give your fish tank aquariums a thorough clean and do 20% water changes each day for 3 or 4 days. This will keep the water quality as high as possible while you are away. If you are going to be away longer than 7-10 days, it is a good idea to prepare some water mix in a bucket so that someone can top-up your tropical freshwater aquariums. For a longer vacation, it is important to show the person who is looking after your fish tank aquariums how to do partial water changes.

Check all equipment carefully before your departure, ensuring the water is at the correct temperature, the filter is working properly, the lighting switches on and off automatically at the correct time of the day and, if necessary, the automatic feeder is working.

Lastly, if someone is looking after your tropical freshwater aquariums, be sure to leave them a reminder checklist and your contact number!

Back Home…
You have had a super vacation seeing wonderful sights, having great experiences and enjoying lots of fun and you feel relaxed and refreshed…! As a priority you need to check your fish carefully to ensure they are healthy and then perform a water change to bring the water chemistry into alignment. I am sure that you will find everything is fine and you can continue caring for your fish as normal.

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