Why You Should Grade Your Comic Books

By | December 11, 2017

Comic books are one of the greatest items that people collect.  Not only because they remind us all of our childhood but also because they have a lot of value to them.  When you have a comic collection one of the best things you can do is to have them graded.  Having those books graded means that you send them to a comic grading authentication company that evaluated your comics. For example, they will look at what series it is, what issue, and the condition of the issue.  After examining all of these factors they will gave your vintage comic book a grade anywhere from one to ten, ten being the highest. 

One of the most common comic grading companies that people prefer to use is CGC.  Of course you will have to pay for your comic books to get graded.  The major benefit to grading them is that you will be increasing their value.  For instance, if you are not planning to sell any of your collection that you have and you are just keeping them for yourself then there isn’t a reason for you to grade them.  However if you are planning to sell them now or in the future, it is smart of you to grade them because when people are looking to buy comics they often want to buy ones that are graded. 

Finally if you want to save some money you can grade your comic books yourself but the only problem is that if you don’t have any knowledge or the experience required to grade these rare and hard to find books then you will do a poor job.  Buy if you still want to give it a try then you can do as much research online as you possibly can and learn how to grade your own comics.

Alan provides information about Comic Book Grading through his website on Comic Book Grading

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