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By | December 12, 2017

A wifi antenna reflector? There are some reasonable excuses to try and augment the reception of your wifi system, or to lift the signal from your wireless router in a particular direction.

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Another critical facet to an antenna is the frequency in which it can receive. Digital TV signals can be broadcast over two frequency ranges, VHF ( Extremely high Frequency ) and UHF ( Ultra High Frequency ). VHF channels range from 2 – Thirteen, where “low-band” VHF channels range from Two – 6 and “high-band” VHF are channels Seven – Thirteen.

Many sorts of antenna are tuned to work at one actual frequency, and are useful only over a selection of frequencies centered on this frequency, called the resonant frequency. These are called resonant antennas. The antenna acts as an electrical resonator. When driven at its resonant frequency, big standing waves of voltage and current are excited in the antenna elements.

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Purchasers should move indoor antennas away from household electronics — including the TV set — as these devices may interfere with indoor reception. In addition, buyers experiencing reception problems are advised to experiment and reposition their antennas.

Don’t attempt to run your satellite tv system without a power surge protector. Get a very good one. We suggest a top finish one from Radio Shack. Make sure the power surge protector has inputs for the coax cable and phone jack as well.

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